Thursday, October 07, 2010


And so, a couple of weeks have passed - again!

I swear, I have had a post ready to be written and published for a while now, but the time to sit down and actually write it (not to mention, take the pictures for it) hasn't come by my way yet - so consider this a "I'll be back"-notice (not said in the ohsofamous voice of the Governator).

I actually have a finish to show (parts of, anyway, considering that it's a secret - until December 25th), I have a couple of "I-designed-these" works-in-progress, and I've been doing some testing with yarn this week - one project in rich, dark purple, and one in purple and pink tones.

But, I'll have to come back to these things a bit later - right now I'm battling the beginning of a cold, and it's - to say it very mildly - freaking annoying to have half a runny nose while trying to accomplish something..

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Laila said...

Hi. Hope you feel better soon;-)
I have seen work "in progress" and love it :-)