Sunday, August 29, 2010

We are..

Learing to blow bubbles (and milk, porrigde, pacifiers, and all other things we can possible put into our little mouth - and blow out again..)! *phreeeeewwwwwt*

And we're counting down for ohsomanythings these days..

First off, Peder's mormor is coming to town on Wednesday - and we can hardly wait to spend a couple of days with her (and Emma). ^-^

Secondly, we're moving into a new apartment some time in the next few months. And it's all ours. Our very own apartment! (The papers were signed last Thursday, and now we're just waiting for our landlord to find someone to rent our current apartment - and then we'll pack everything up in boxes and move them to the new place.)

And last - but definetly not least, not by any means - it's once again time for the (now) wonderful tradition of Secret Santa Christmans Swap (SSCS2010)! Organized - once again - by the wonderful Donna - and we're just bubbling over with anticipation, secrets and planning for what's going to be my fourth - and Peder's first - year as a special someone's Secret Santa.

(Learning to count - a little early, but there's ohsomuch to count, be happy for - and look forward too, and it doesn't really matter if one cannot count very good _yet_ - we'll get there in time.)

But for now, I'm going to stop getting annoyd over the seemingly endless commercials running during this somewhat entertaining Ben Stiller-movie (although I really don't like any of his movies.. but seem to find this one rather funny) - and go to bed. Tomorrow is Monday, another day closer to Christmas - and we're off swimming in the afternoon. ^-^

(And for more crafty news, I'm working on Peder's Christmas stocking. There's no rush, I doubt he'll find it interesting for another year or two, but it helps to build the ohsoenjoyable Christmas'sey feeling I feel is flowing in from every nook and corner of the world (even if the shops haven't put their decorations up _yet_ - but give them a month or two and they will surely have them up).

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..


gerdsf said...

Åååhhhh.......så stor Peder har blitt nå, og så utrolig skjønn :D

Ser dere endelig har fått kjøpt deres egen leilighet også, så utrolig artig....du må fortelle meg hvor dere har kjøpt :D

Du kan fortelle meg alt nytt når vi møtes i byen en dag :D


Chookyblue...... said...

little Peder is growing so fast.......have a lovely time with miss Emma and your Mum......

Welcome to the SSCS yet again.......

and how exciting a new apartment.....fantastic news......

May Britt said...

Gratulerer så masse med ny leilighet!!!
Skal bli godt å få litt større plass for Peder å springe rundt på

Laila said...

No wonder you are looking forward to Christmas... I can see Peder are counting down too.;-)
The first Christmas in your new apartment...WOW ;-)
See you soon.
Hugs ;-)