Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here there be monsters..

I love the saying that's written on old maps - here there be monsters. I guess that - instead of admitting that they didn't know what was in unexplored areas in the old days - they'd write that, believing that anything unknown or places that were new actually were inhabited by monsters.. like dragons, krakens, a giant octopussy, etc. I'd love to one day have one of these old maps - or a copy of one - on our wall.

Speaking of monsters, there's one in our house too. ;) Just look at these feet!

And toes with claws!

But don't worry, it's just Peder - playing in his dragon/dinosaur playsuit. :)

He's becoming such a big boy now, 4 months old, and just last week he learned how to roll from his back to his stomack (but not the other way - yet - so we have to move him back after a little while). :) He actually started doing this on his dad's birthday (4 months and 2 days old).

We spent a lovely week in Trysil with Peder's grandmother last week. Didn't get much done - like sewing - but we managed to squease in alot of social time (with many relatives, friends, etc) and as you can see, Peder really enjoyed spending time with his grandmother. :)

Most times when we take Peder out for a walk (him in his stroller) we actually end up like this - him in a harness on my tummy. He's way to curious, and doesn't like to be in a position where he cannot keep an eye on the world (or so it seems) - like lying down in his stroller.. that's really no fun at all!

On the more creative side, I've continued to work on Sublime Season (from Cinderberry Stitches). I've got 7 blocks done now, and am working on the last two. I've also managed to get some more work done on my Tailfeather BOM (also from Cinderberry Stitches). I can actually see a light in the tunnel for having this one completed one day - but I'm not going to say when that will be, with a little one in the house even blogging seems to be a less prioritised activity.. among so many others. But, and I know I've said this before, I'm going to try to blog a little more often. Perhaps kicking myself into atleast once a week? We'll see. ;)


Laila said...

Ups- you made me feel ashamed... I realy have to blog too...
I can't use visitors as an apology any moore.
But THANKS a great week- It is so fun to have you at home.
Big hugs to Peder from Mormor.. ;-)

May Britt said...

He's a georgious monster :)

Anonymous said...

He's a darn cute monster! I wish my monsters were that cute! ;) Blogging does definately take a back seat when there are little people and different priorities!! I understand!

Vigdis said...

Tøff liten monstergutt. Trivelig å besøke dere hos mormor. Håper dere snart tar en tur igjen :)

Chookyblue...... said...

oh your little monster is growing so fast........and he looks so happy with his granny......