Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The long, awaited post..

Yup, finally, after about two days trial and error (me trying - Blogger crying "error error") we've finally come to an agreement, and I've been allowed to upload a couple of pictures. Finally.

So what's been going on for the past few weeks (yes, it's actually been weeks since my last "real" post, believe it or not)? Well, I've been working, yes, real work, like getting up at 5:15AM, getting home somewhere between 4:30PM and 6PM, tried to go to the gym (*gaaah*), tried to get some fun, crafty work done, watched alot of DVD's (we're currently watching season 9 of The -Files and a couple of other shows when the mood says so - completed both season 8 of said series and season 3 of Deadwood) and just tried to enjoy and relax a little.

The picture above is actually taken while waiting in line to get in to the StarWars 3D simulation ride at Disneyland Resort : Paris. I guess it kinda shows how I've been feeling lately (all work and no play). It's so strange, it's only been, what, a month or so - perhaps 6 weeks since we came back from vacation, and already it feels like it's been ages, months..

Like here - outside the Sacre-Couer, watching the sun set, waiting for the fireworks to light up the sky (little did we know at the time, that the fireworks could be seen from the other side of the hill..). Oh well, atleast we got to watch a great sunset, and spend some time with about 1 000 strangers all enjoying themselves. :)

A week later - almost, I think it was 6 days later - we were up in the mountains in Provence, sitting on the terrace of a small restaurant together with my uncle and two younger cousins. The veiw was absolutely magnificent! I'm having some problems understanding that this was only 6 weeks ago.. it feels like an eternity - but at the same time as if it was only yesterday.

On the crafting front, I have finally finished something that's been a part of my life for the last 6 months. Yes! I finally finished Truly Scrumptious!!! And it's gorgeous! It's huge! And we have no room to hang it! :D (Well, the last is sad but true, but! When we move and get a bigger place, this baby is going up on the wall. Def.)

It's so huge you can almost hide our playhouse behind it (see, in the picture - the playhouse was built by my grandfather for my sister to play in when she was little). It's in the middle of my parents' garden, and is now used to store things in. I love the little light my father has put outside the house, though, it was really pretty in the darkness of the nights.

I've loved every stitch, every colour (even the pinks, and I really really do not like pink..) and the way the fabrics and the threads matched so perfectly. My mom - who's very helpful and holds it up for me to get a picture, you can barely see her - was so kind and helped me finished it by stipling/machine quilting it for me. The details in the blocks and the fabrics are so incredible, so both she and I decided that less is better when it came to the quilting.

I didn't tell anyone - or show anyone - besides my mom, one of her friends and my BF (and Natalie, the designer of this gorgeous piece of art) until the guild's first meeting after the summer. For the first time (ever!) I stood up during show and tell and held up something I'd made. (Just for the records, I hated it - I absolutely hate being in the focus like that, and my hands were shaking when I finally sat down..) It was exciting to have so many come over to see it more closely (the quilt, that is, not my shaking hands..) and asking questions.

During said meeting one could register UFO's for the lottery (you register your UFO's, finish them by the last meeting before Christmas, and show them at the meeting). I registered four (4) UFO's and have decided to try to finish them all by December. I'm thinking about making a new post, to kind of present the four, and the work that's left on them - and perhaps a closer follow-up on their process - if (IF IF IF) Blogger wants to play. Anyway, I've updated to UFO-list on the right side of the blog to include the four (a better presentation will come, sooner or later).

Now I'm in a so-called past TS-downtime period. I'm not sure what I want to do next.. but I need (I crave) something to keep my hands busy. I went by Panduro yesterday (a great crafts shop here in Oslo/Norway) and found some things I want to work with - some day. Perhaps I'll start making more stuff for Christmas - like for my SSCS-victim - I really should start soon. Very very soon.. hmm..


May Britt said...

Congratulation finishing this quilt. It is beautiful. And I guess you feel really good now.

Laila said...

Hi. Your TS are realy great. Wonderfull work.Wonder what you will start on next.....
Have a great day, hop you will "play" with the blogger soon. Hugs