Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well, it's been some pretty busy months for me - don't know about the rest of you out there in the blog-iverse, but the last month I _think_ I remembered, was March.. In the meantime there's been the annual meeting in the Quilt Association - and my birthday - I've joined a quiz team (we meet at this pub every Thursday and battle up to 20 other teams), and have suddenly realized that in about 8 weeks I need to pack my bags (we're going to France!!!). Jeeze.. Tempus Fugit, right?

Some time ago (I think it was in January) AfricanKelli showed some nametags that she'd ordered from a company in Australia. Well, I couldn't resist - and about 2.5-3 months later these little darlings fell into our mailbox. Cute?

Well, during the annual meeting I bought a pattern/kit for a small giftbag with butterflies - and, surprice surprice! I ended up winning a pattern/kit for another one (this one with strawberries)! So a couple of weeks ago I decided to start working on them, and the results have been on display in BF's bookshelf for a little while now. So fast, easy and fun to make.. I've gotta make more of them!

The rest of the stuff that managed to "follow" me home from the meeting (yes, followed - and things that follow you home, you get to keep, right?) have been hiding in a bag ever since - longing for the day when they will find a very good meaning to their lives. Or something like that. Honestly, I've been too busy with work and allergies to more or less think of other things than managing work and getting enough sleep..

I have - however - been working on the Truly Scrumptious! I chose to do a little something different then Natalie had done in her pattern, but I think it looks pretty good. All those squares kinda scared me a little.. plus, doing it like this actually was alot of fun. Yep, I'm just a little bit weird. :p

Anywho - without any further introduction, please welcome block 1, 2, 3 AND 4 of the gorgeous Truly Scrumptious!

First out is Gigi - with her dog.

Then comes Ava and her bébés..

Followed by Miss Evangeline..

And then Miss T Tipsy.

Gorgeous girls, don't you think? Now, the fifth girl - Izzy - is currently awaiting some batting , and then she'll be ready for some stitching. I really like working on these girls - eventhough BF once exclaimed "what? there are nine of them?" - well, actually, honey, there are ten.. But! I guess he'll figure that out sooner or later. ;)

Last year - for my birthday - my grandparents gave me a box of Japanese fabrics. Well, I made a couple of things of them - two bags actually - and cut the rest of the fabric into strips and made an attempt at making my first strip/stripy quilt. Well, when the top was done, and sandwich'ed, I put it away - until last weekend. The past week I've bled from the fingertips whilst quilting it - by hand, of course, I need all the practice I can get - and earlier today I put the binding on it! *proud*

Now, I'm going to run it through the washing machine to get all the dust and other nasty things out of it - but I'm really not sure what I should call it.. is it a wall quilt, a baby quilt or a table cloth? Hmm.. maybe leave it for a little while - perhaps it'll tell me.

I guess I'll save the purchases - no, wait, the adoptions - from the meeting and pictures for another post - I think this one's big enough now. ;) Hopefully, things will calm down a little at work, so that I have a little more energy when I get home - right now I am not what you'd consider either social or fun..


Laila said...

Hello. So glad you are "back". All your items are so great. Hugs. ;-)

Helen said...

Glad to see you again in blogland.
Could you please let me know where you ordered the name tags? (I can't find the reference on AfricanKelli). Thanks.

Chookyblue...... said...

so nice to see you again and lots of good stitching here............

African Kelli said...

YAY! So glad they arrived and you like them. They are very cute.
Hope all is well there!

Anne Ida said...

Good to see you blogging again! Great progress on Truly Scrumptious!!! And your little japanese quilt looks great!