Monday, April 07, 2008

Busy weekend

This has been a really busy weekend for me - and not much time for either sewing or relaxing. Oh well, better luck next weekend, I guess. :)

On Friday my BF and I went to a pub called Garage here in Oslo (a really tiny place, but with a stage in the basement). A friend of my BF plays in a couple of bands, and one of them were having a release party that night. So of course we had to go and give our support. ;) The guys were really good - and so were the two bands warming up for them. It didn't really make my wish to learn how to play the guitar or the bass any less, so maybe I'll have to do something about it one day..

This weekend - as you've probably read on several other blogs from Norway - the NQF (Norwegian Quilt Association) held it's annual meeting, and on Saturday Quiltoholic and I decided to go and meet up with my mom and a couple of her friends. We had a really great day - lots of shopping (both real shopping and shopping with our minds.. much cheaper I must say ;p) and I think we got so many ideas our heads more or less hurt by the end of the day (my legs were definetly hurting). I'm going to make a new post about Saturday when all the impressions have calmed down a little. I feel very tired at the moment, having been to work all day, and not really having much quiet time this weekend.

In addition to having a really active social life at the moment, the swap I joined on this forum has reached the middle mark (or something..) as I have now received 4 of the 8 blocks I'm going to received (the 9th I'm making my self). I originally asked for blocks in brown or blue, but added that a little purple would be nice too (and I see now that only the first block is brown, the rest are actually purple.. a challenge, and I have to change my idea now I think.. never good to plan too far ahead, when one doesn't really know what might come). But don't get me wrong, the blocks are gorgeous - just not what I first expected. :)

Here they are, all 4 of them. The brown one was made by Brasl, the one with the heart by Kuriosa, the striped one came from Madir, and the last one from Rutha.

I can't wait to see the last four. :)


Laila said...

Your blocs are great. Thank for a lovely day at saturday. I hope you enjoy it as mutch as I.... And I got a prize for you. ;-) You luckey girl.

African Kelli said...

What fun! Your weekend sounds like a blast!

Anne Ida said...

Pretty blocks, but as you say they are kind'a going towards purple... :o)