Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A friend of us - Heidi - and her husband finally got to meet their little prince last Wednesday, when Sverre Oskar was borned. :D

Of course we have to bring gifts - this time in the form of some lovely overalls in brown, a body in soft wool (this is, afterall, Norway) and a bib that I've made (in very cool colours, as BF said when he saw it). I hope they will like it (we're just waiting for our turn to come to visit). :)

Today was one of the great mail-days! I got four new colours of silken threads from Jordbærstedet - two reds/pink and two browns - and I got the parcel pictured below from a webshop in the US selling retro fabrics.

Don't you just love these prints?

BF selected the four matching ones, saying those were the coolest - and I just had to add the brown birds, the frogs and the fabric with the faces (reminds me of The Beatles) to the order.

And now to figure out what they'd like to be when they "grow up"..

In other news.. or news and news.. I was supposed to be in Lørenskog right now, for a handsewing-meeting-thing, but due to a heavy and mean headache (just passing two days straight now) I decided to stay at home and try to relax. Not easy, but with BF doing a raid online (playing World of Warcraft) I'm trying to relax and not run around doing everything I see needs attention before the visit this weekend. Oh well.. back to the couch trying not to do anything again..


Laila said...

hat a great present to the new baby. And your new fabrics was so nice. I realy need to see them for real. ;-)
Hope you feel better soon. Have a relaxing evening. Hugs

Vigdis said...

Det er en heldig baby som får denne pakka.
Fine stoffer også, du må vise fram det du lager av dem. ;)