Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, as I said in the previous post, here are some of the pictures from the last few weeks. For those of you who are looking for pictures of all the projects I mentioned, you won't find them all, as I have not taken pictures of all of them - yet. :) But they will come.

This is my BF, giving you a demonstration of what we've been doing mostly all last weekend - playing Guitar Hero III on our Nintendo Wii. Very very fun and entertaining. :D

Some pictures from New Years Eve - this is a "starshot" - a kind of handheld fireworks which only gives a rather large sparkle then a boom. :) I think this picture ended up kinda cool.

I'm trying to improve my skill of taking firework-pictures, and although I got one or two really good ones in 2006, 2007 proved to be more skillful.

Again fireworks. :)

I've managed to put my "Love is.." up on the wall - very very pleased, I must add. :)

And so has my MIL - BF's mother. Very different from my "Love is..", but also very pretty.

I took some pictures of Christmas decorations while in Trysil - this is an angel sitting on top of the heater at my parents' house. I think it's very beautiful - and regret that I didn't buy some when I found them in a store in LA last summer.. oh well, maybe next time.

Just for fun, we placed the ratties on these large santas to see of we might be able to snap our own Christmas cards for next year..

But Gizmo was more interested in the presents - this present is actually for the ratties! Clever girl. :D

The weekend before last winter arrived in Oslo - and stayed almost for an entire week, before raining away. Sorry about the bad picture, but lazy me didn't quite feel like going outside to take the picture at 3 in the morning.. so I just took it through the kitchen window instead.

And lastly, a picture of me goofing in the hallway, trying to take a picture of myself without looking.. weird.. *haha*


Chookyblue said...

sounds like a wonderful time has been had over the Christmas break.........good fireworks pics

Laila said...

Hi. Great firework photos. I didn't manage to take so good photos with my camera. LOL
The rats and "nissene" tured out great. I would love to see all the "Love Is "quilts together some time. They turned out so diffrent. Fun. ;-)

Nancy said...

"Love Is" is just terrific, Nemo. Well done!

n, np