Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gifts from San Fransisco.

My BF went on a school trip to San Fransisco, and came back with a couple of gifts. :)

First, a package of Pirate Adhesive Bandages (or plaster). :) The box also included a Free Treasure Inside - a mini pirate duckie! :D

And a bag of one of my favorite american sweets - Twizzlers! :D

And finally, a t-shirt from San Fransisco's Japan Town, made by an old japanese man. :) The print is a picture of a panda and a duck, and the text reads "Crouching Panda - Peeking Duck" - a spoof of a film title (the film was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, very good film, btw).

There were some other gifts too, but they're being saved for my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

tusen takk for titten. jammen er du
heldig. :)