Sunday, April 08, 2007

Clearance at GrandMa's house

My grandmother has decided to only buy fabric for what she sews - and not because she likes the fabric or "might" use it for something, and so she cleaned out her fabric collection and sent a HUGE bag full of fabrics to my parents house, saying that I should pick out what I wanted. And so I did.

This is a picture of what I brought with me home. It's about a third of the bag. The rest my mother kept - and some we might send down to my BF's mother (she's also sewing alot). Mystery mail is always fun to both send and receive. Some time ago I had to go to the post office to collect a parcel which didn't fit into our miniature size mailbox (really.. you could barely fit a book in there..) and I poundered on and on about what it could be and who could've sent it. It turned out that it was the price from this contest I'd entered a couple months earlier (and completely forgot all about) and not some weird conspiracy to trick me. :) I still have the LED-light pen, the towel and the watch I got from that contest - not to mention the incredible cute metal boxes they were in. They were all from the movie Cars (Disney/Pixar).

Now I think I'm going to blow my nose (yes, another cold has taken hold..) and then try to see if I can get the back piece cut and ready for the spring quilt (What Color Is Spring - Bareroots). Maybe..

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jammen ble det masse stoff på deg. kos deg. Laila