Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The chaos of early August..

It's been close to four weeks since our move, and even though we're not done unpacking and getting things organised (under the stairs seem to be a good place to put boxes unable to be unpacked until things are set ut) it's a liveable situation, and things are going pretty good.

A and I are out walking almost every day, unless it's extremely heavy rain. Which has happened a couple of times now. We still go out every day, we need to pick up P from kindergarten anyway, but we'll still stay indoor until that time if the rain is too heavy..

Looking back, I think a lot of things have come together and are working out pretty good here. I remembered that I had a couple of photos on my phone from those moving days.

P's old room.
The complete chaos that was P's old room the days before the moving van came. Everything we packed ended up in his room until we were done. (Luckily, he was not at home at that time. He got to spend some days with hubby's parents instead.)

The last sunset...
On Sunday, our last day in the apartment, the sun graciously showed us a lovely sunset. At the time it felt very strange to suddenly say goodbye to our home for the past five years - and build a new one in a place we barely knew..

Sack upon sack in our new bedroom..
So far, things are working out pretty good. We've had some bad mornings (hubby ended up coming late for work, P didn't want to go to kindergarten, etc) but things are adjusting and we are getting to know the area, the neighbours and feeling more and more at home in our house. It helps when our things find their spot - and I can't wait for the day when our pictures are up on the walls, and the last box is flattened and put away!

We talked about moving a few months ago, after buying the house, and agreed that this would be the last time we moved - until the kids have finished school (unless something extreme comes up). I think we both liked that idea.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Natures Journey - April blocks completed

Now, who would've thought that?

April - August, it's been four months since I put these blocks away, knowing that I only had one block left to sew - not knowing when I'd be able to pick them up and complete them.

What with the house viewing, sale (yay!!!), summer vacation, packing and moving, time has flown by - and today I suddenly found a little shred of time to think maybe I'll have a look at that block now? And wouldn't you know, I was able to complete it! Found the fabric and the pattern while A took a little nap - and she was happily playing on her mat while I put the finished stitches in the star block.

Now April is completed - and I have run out of ready-prepared backgrounds for the rest of the blocks, so when I have another shred of me-time, I think I'll spend it preparing these. As Chookyblue once told me, one stitch here and there makes a completed block.


Little A will be six months old next week. A pretty happy little girl - when she gets her way. ;-) And if she doesn't, she'll be sure the whole world/neighbourhood/room/house knows exactly how she feels about that!

I truly enjoyed picking up the needle again. It's been a while - too long, perhaps? But my crafty surge has been filled with knitting and crochet. I have a crochet project I hope to get closer to finishing soon - and have started a new knitting project that I'm longing to see the finished result.

Tonight, however, I intend to celebrate my little (..big..) victory - knowing that I'm another (small) step towards a finished quilt!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

The pro's of packing

During packing & moving, there is one small - yet big - pro that comes with being the one with the food boobs, and that is breaktime when A is hungry/thirsty/tired/sad/wants a cuddle. 

If you ask her, nothing beats the boob (even if going for walks in her stroller also is increasingly fun, and daddy is acceptable as driver too)!

We are about 1/3 packed, P is off to visit his grandparents over the weekend - and things are going pretty good, except from some nasty surprices discovered late at night (they do seem to be working out, luckily for us).

Monday, August 03, 2015

A walk in Trysil

July has truly just swooshed by.. I'm not entirely sure where it went, but apparently some of it was spent on vacation. :-p 

We spent a short week in Trysil, visiting my mom, and had quite the opposite of a summer than last year (where we almost melted away in the heat, and the kids spent their days - well, not the whole day, but quite chunky parts of it - naked, going in and out of the pool) with more gray and rain and cooler winds. But, every now and then, there were sunny days. Like this one in pictures below.

Another ting that happened during these days in Trysil, was that A finally "got it" - the stroller is not "the worst potential punishment or horrible place to be"! And she even fell asleep! (Quite shocking, really - we've spent her first 4.5 months carrying her in an Angelpack - ours is similar to the one with the cherry blossom panel.)

Sleeping baby..

Luckily, this whole sleeping in the stroller thing doesn't seem to be a phase, and she stuck to it, on our travels in Sweden and Finland - and even now, back home. And as you can see from the picture above, on this day, there was sun!

The bridge across the river.
The first picture shows the sign posted on the middle of the bridge (just for foot traffic, no cars allowed) showing the name of the bridge - Kirkebroen, the church bridge - and the year it was constructed. 

This picture is of a patch of asphalt on the other side of the bridge. Ever since I was little, I've thought it reminded me of the map of Australia. Can you see it? Or is it just me?

The mountain, in it's summer green dress.
This is the view from the town side of the bridge. The mountain is wearing it's summer dress, in shades of green.

The view to the south.
On the other side of the little "bump" of trees lies my mom's house.

The church.
This is the church where my great-grandfather was a priest, and where both my sister and I and our children are baptised. This is also where A will be baptised later this fall.

Prestegården - the priest's house.
This yellow house is where my great-grandfather lived with his family when he was a priest. This is where my grandmother grew up - and where my great-grandmother died. I've heard so many tales of how it was like living here, some funny and some a bit scary (my great-grandfather had a quirky sense of humor, apparently).

Previously the dentist's office, now culture school.
The red building used to house the town's dentists - until they built a new office on the other side of the river. Now it's the culture school who keeps the offices in the red house, and children will come to learn how to play instruments and other things there.

The stage..
This is my least-favorite piece of Trysil.. the stage near the river. Not because I don't like music - no, not at all - but whenever this has been used as a stage for concerts, the sound has thundered into the walls of our house on the other side of the river, making it shake and unbearable to stay in - and for some odd reason, the last band would enter the stage at 1AM.. Which is very much fun when you have small children who cannot sleep because the house is shaking. Not. 

All the concerts I've attended here in Oslo have all ended before or on the spot 11PM. There are rules stating that, unless applied for, one cannot make noise and disturb people after 11PM. So they end the concerts and people go home (or off to bars and stuff). Apparently, those rules do not apply in the country. :-P (I may be wrong, but so far, my experiences have leaned towards that conclusion.) It might make me sound like a cow (cranky, old woman) but I like my nights quiet - so that the little sleep I do get, is good sleep. Cow nagging done (for today). :-)

Have a lovely evening, wherever you are.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Eternity Granny

I think I started this giant crochet granny squate blanket somewhere around 18 months ago. Using leftover yarn from various projects (all machine washable, and that's about the only thing the different yarn has in common) and crochet needle number 2,5-3-3,5 or something like that. 

I am not done - far from it - but after a looooong break, I've started working on it again, and I'm really enjoying it. I wonder when it will be finished.. And how big it will be..?

Monday, July 06, 2015

A stroll through the Botanical Gardens

Yesterday little miss A was feeling very unhappy - nothing I tried helped - so we got dressed, strapped her in the Angelpack and went for a walk. We ended up in the Botanical Gardens, which is really just a stone's throw away from our apartment. A fell asleep about 50 meters from the Munch Museum, so it was a quiet stroll for me. I ended up using my phone to take some pictures, and have decided to go back another day - with a better camera.

We met this little fellow (lass?) sitting with some friends on some kind of plants close to the entrance (there are several entrances, but this was the one closest to the Munch Museum). 

These yellow flowers were popular with the bumble bee's. Can you see the little one a bit to the left of the center of the picture? He was covered in pollen.

A view of the Palm House (Palmehuset) through a flowerbed full of colours.

A fountain in the Herb Garden (Urtehagen). The ripples of the water reminded me of quilting..

I just missed a small sparrow sitting on the edge of the fountain drinking water.

Lavender in bloom! (In small dozes, I like the smell - but I find it easily overwhelming..)

I took this picture for my mom - do you know what it is? It is something that makes me think of summer vacations in Trondheim, and trips to the market with grandma. (I don't remember if I liked the taste, but I do remember that you used to buy it almost every time we were there - or was that grandma..?)

The Botanical Gardens also had their own "bug hotels" (insekthotell). Here, bugs of all kinds can find a home. I didn't go too close, I'm not a big fan of all kinds of bugs..

Here and there in the gardens are sculptures and things made by willow wood. Like these two little huts. There are benches inside the biggest one, where one can sit and think - or take cover from the rain/sun. 

Just looking at these pictures makes me remember how cool and calm it was, walking under the big trees.

More willow wood sculptures - this time three mushrooms. I think the biggest one was about as big as me, but I didn't go close enough to check this time.

The sky through branches and leaves. It was really warm this day, already passing 20 degrees celsius at 8AM.

Bark. For some reason, I always find the patterns and colours fascinating.

These white flowers smelled divine (although a bit much). But I couldn't find a sign with the name written on it.

More bark.

Part of the Viking Garden. This particular little garden is in the shape of a viking ship, even equipped with an ore. 

Willow wood animals near the Viking Garden - these are goats I think?

This throne was also near the Viking Garden. It looks like it's composed of two dragons, with two ravens sitting on each side. Perhaps the throne of Odin?

The view of the front of the throne.

This makes me feel like I'm walking in the woods, it even smelt like it. 

More sunshine and sky through branches and, this time, needles.

A map of the Botanical Gardens. 

The Owl of Wisdom (Visdommens Ugle) resides outside the cafeteria which is located in Old Tøyen Farm (Gamle Tøyen gård). It used to reside between two of the buildings, but since the ticket office has moved into a new building, it was moved. (The Botanical Gardens is free of charge, you only pay if you want to donate - but you will need tickets to see the animals - stuffed, that is.. and not cuddly, but real taxidermy-ish dead animals - or the minerals, stones and dinosaurs. I'm sorry about the poor quality of text here, my mind has just gone completely into four-month-old-baby-won't-sleep mode..)

In the Great-grandmother's Garden there was an old water pump. I didn't check to see if it worked, but it reminded me of Debbie Mumm-fabric and stitcheries.

Gorgeous colour combinations - purple and orange.

A little house in the Great-grandmother's garden. There were benches inside, and I bet it's a popular place to stop and enjoy the garden.

More gorgeous colours. 

This is one of the office buildings. Wouldn't you just loved working in here? It looks so majestic and mysterious.

Another little friend. This one really had a lot of spots on his (her?) back. I didn't know ladybugs had so many spots, but perhaps there are different families?

Another entrance, the gate is behind me. Just a perfect place to spent a few hours walking on a warm summer day. 

And my company slept through the whole experience. I wonder if she's dreaming of the smells we passed. (Or perhaps she's just passed out from the heat?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lost duckling..

I'm revisiting the picture archives today, to find a suitable picture. And I found this little duckling, swimming in Sognsvann. (We went walking around Sognsvann three years ago, when P was two, and came upon a mother duck and her ducklings swimming. This little one was having some problems keeping up with the rest of the family, but I think everything ended well in the end.)

I haven't lost a duckling, but I am willing to say that, when it comes to crafting and sewing in particularly, I'm feeling like a little, lost duckling at the moment. Things rarely go past the planning/dreaming stage, and although I'd like to do so, so many things, I don't.

The little crafting I have been able to do these past few weeks, are finished knitting a blanket (which I started about a year ago) and a cloth. And perhaps the last ear on a bunny hat (which I'm not entirely satisfied with, but I hope it will change once washed). And buy yarn for a new project.

But my point is, I want to sew. I dream about sewing. I really, really want to sew. But I don't. Everything is still packed down in boxes up in the attic, and I honestly don't feel like dragging everything back down again (and, well, back up again) seeing as this is the final week before we're off for our vacation.

You might suggest that I fix a project I can work on during our vacation? Well, yes, I could do that. It's just that I will also be the substitute for my substitute at work for three weeks this summer (I'm imagining an hour or two in the afternoons, after the kids have gone to bed) and I'm just not sure if a crafty project will work with that.

I still have the NJ (Nature's Journey) which hasn't seen any progress since the last time I wrote about it. Which would've been late April-early May. I'm still one block from completing the April batch. I could cut some more backgrounds for some new blocks and get a bit of work done on those, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow - A's sleeping with my stash.. (and that sounded incredible bad) that is, she's sleeping in our bedroom, which is also the current residence of my fabric stash. And any mother would say that nothing's worth possibly waking up a sleeping baby. One simply does not wake the baby. (Unless the Earth is collapsing. Or possible a fire.. but that's not happening tonight.)

I think I'll consider my opportunities a little more, and get some sleep (haha, I'm having great hopes tonight!).