Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The seasons are having quite an argument going these days. We've gone from snow to sunny, thaw to frost, ice to burning sunsets, back to snow - and rain. And all this over the past couple of weeks! 

One of our neighbours have been driving me nearly insane for the past week.. Knowing he means well doesn't really make listening to him use an iron rod to break ice outside our building four days in a row (and one night at 11.30PM..). The road is clear now, so far. I hope it stays that way for a while..

Hope you're having a wonderful project to work on these days. I could use some ideas if you have any good tips. ;-)

Friday, February 20, 2015

February SAL-blocks done! And some other finished projects..

Well, last night (or this morning, however you choose to view it) I finished the February blocks for the 2015 SAL. (It was about 2AM when I put the final stitches in the last two blocks, making the night/morning definition questionable.) 

I'm very happy with this project so far. I'm not using any particular line of fabric, but am using scraps from previous projects and fabric that I have in my stash. I'm not completely satisfied with all of the appliqué, some of the corners and circles are kinda wonky (but then again, isn't that in the spirit of Anni?). I'm still amazed that I managed to finish these with 8 days to spare. They are not trimmed yet, I think I'm going to save that for when all the blocks are done. 

2015 SAL - February blocks.
I've started to prepare the blocks for March, only cutting and drawing so far, but who know's what'll happen and if I'll have time to get all that stitching done the next few weeks?

I have been doing some sewing these past few weeks. One of these projects - the biggest one - is off getting quilted (by my mom). The fabric for the binding is ready, but since the only picture I have of this project is a (very..) out of focus mobile phone picture, I won't be posting any pictures until it's done. (The recipient isn't "done" either, so there's no rush, yet.)

It being three weeks since my last day in the office (for a full year, wow..) I've spent quite a few hours sewing and planning and getting things done. 

Bibs and cloths.
I've made up a batch of cute bibs with foxes (three, with flannel backing) and four cloths (for spit up, comfy, and all in between). Two of the cloths match the bigger project, meaning I used some of the same fabric for both projects, and two are in this funny fabric with lots of animal faces. 

Stroller toy/decoration.
I finally (hah..) managed to make one of the owls from the stroller/bed decoration/toy that was featured in Australian Homespun (August 2014). This was a really cute and fun project. (You might notice the green fabric? Yes, it matches a few other projects.)

Soother clip and stroller toy.
I also made a matching soother clip (you fasten the soother to the ring at the bottom, and the clip to the baby's shirt or something, and the soother won't fall out of the stroller or get lost). Lots of greens for this baby. (Perhaps no wonder, we're really not very found of pink in our little family..)

Enjoy your Friday and have great weekend!

Monday, February 09, 2015


And I'm up, for like the fourth time tonight. Ended up not getting to sleep around 11 - again.. - so I spent a good hour on the couch working on an EPP-project. This time I woke up feeling hungry. Ever tried to sleep while feeling hungry? It doesn't work very well.. 

Here's to hoping a 6AM yoghurt break might help a little.. (Otherwise this might end up as a three hours nap-day - again..). 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

First finish in 2015!

Last night I finished the first quilty project of 2015. It's a small stitchery designed by Anni Downs. I had some ideas, but ended up making a mini-quilt instead. Love the fabric, though. An old series, and this was basically what was left of it. 

I've also received the pattern for the 2015 SAL (stitch-a-long) in the mail - which is also a pattern by Anni Downs (Natures Journey). The instructions for February are out - and I can't wait to get started. 

I've also finished the first knitted project, but I don't have a very good picture of it yet.. But it's been tested! A morning with -10C was the perfect opertunity to test it - as you can see from the picture, I was nice and snug and warm in my new scarf. 

Can you guess how long the scarf is? (Even after skipping one of the 20 patterns..) 

Nothing beats homeknitted in the winter cold!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Which plans? Oh, you mean the plans I had about sewing and preppinh stuff today, while the boys were out? Pffffft.. They didn't get any further than on the planned-list. Instead, I grabbed a pair of needles and a ball of yarn and went to "observe" them climbing (indoors, of course). 

"Observe" meaning I didn't climb. I don't have the courses required (yet..) and I don't really think they want pregnant people hanging in ropes there anyway.. 

And tonight? Well, no sewing, unfortunetly. I have 2 pattern pieces ledt to knit on a "mystery scarf", and I really want to finish it before the pattern for the SAL arrives. 

Working on part 17 of 20 (but I'm skipping one part). 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sleepless in December

It's not the worst thing in the world, being sleepless in December. At least not when I've got vacation (no office to worry about in the morning), knitting and the fancy DAB- radio hubby and P gave me for Christmas. 

(I woke up around 3:30AM, and couldn't get back to sleep.. It's now 6AM - I think I'll swap to a stirchery soon, once this part of the pattern is complete.)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

SSCS 2014 - parcel received, opened - and starstruck!

SSCS 2014 - the 8th year running, and I've been a part of it since the beginning in 2007. I've gotten to know (and spy on) a lot of talented, crafty bloggers from all over the world. Many of whom I still follow through Feedly (the app/program I use to follow blogs). Each year I have tried my best to make something for my receiver that will not only be good enough, but something I'd like to receive myself. (Why stop at good enough anyway?) - and every year I've felt spoiled and starstruck (and more or less felt like the things I've made and sent are far from the quality and detailed perfection of the items I've received back). (But maybe this is a quilter's/crafter's thing - we're never as satisfied with our own work as we are with the works of others?)

Anyway, back to SSCS 2014. This year I was the lucky receiver of the parcel from Annette (Australia) and I feel like she's managed to find me spot on. I mean, first the ornament - with the mouse/rat, as shown in a previous post - and now this? A gorgeous knitting/project bag. And with a purple stitchery! (I love purple..) 

The main present, opened on December 24th.
Annette not only made me a gorgeous bag, but also a mug rug - a TARDIS mug rug! (How on earth did you know that I love Doctor Who? You've been spying, haven't you? ;-) ) And she very generously included a 2015 calendar with images of Australian wild flowers. (Those calendars are so nice, the pictures are just breathtaking!)

Details of the project/knitting bag stitchery.
Seeing as we're leaving for Trysil in a couple of days, I'm considering which knitting project to bring - in my new bag. I simply cannot wait to find a project to keep in it (not keep-keep, you know what I mean). 

Doctor Who/TARDIS mug rug!
And the mug rug? It'll be mine, my own - my precious.. I'd bring it to work (to keep it safe..) but with only four weeks remaining of my office life (for now) I think it'll stay at home so that I can use it here. (But I'm the only one who'll be allowed to use it. ;-) )

This year I was the lucky Santa for a first-timer, Lisa, who joined the swap for the first time. And this is what I sent to Lisa (I'm so glad she enjoyed the parcel) : 

A quilt/mat with houses (pattern from Norsk Quilteblad - I think I have to make more, the pattern was so fun to work with)
A small fabric basket for sewing supplies or threads 
A knitted cloth (the pattern was called Høstløv (Fall leaves), but with the colour combination of the yarn I think that Vårløv (Spring petals) would be a more suitable name)
A miniature advent calendar
Thimble with an image from Oslo
Nail file with norwegian flags
A tiny pin with a norwegian flag

Lisa's gifts, SSCS 2014.
The ornament I sent, was the woven heart basket - and I included a small star ornament (made of straw) too.

Thank you again, Annette - and thank you, Chookyblue, for once again arranging this wonderful swap. And thank you, Lisa, for joining SSCS 2014 for the first time (hopefully not the last), giving me the opportunity to read your blog and get to know you. 

It's simply not Christmas without SSCS!