Thursday, December 18, 2014

Confused flowers?

This summer I planted some spanish margerites (spanske margeritter) on our balcony. I think they spent most of the summer and fall complaining about the heat, nearly dying and losing all their flowers.. Well, November came - and suddenly they started to grow!

Green November.
The past couple of years the fall and early winter here in Oslo have been strange seasons. Much warmer than normal - well, let's not discuss what's considered normal or not.. - and so the plants have continued to grow and bloom. I took the above picture on December 7th. I'm curious to see how the balcony will look later in winter - seeing as we were lucky and received some snow last night. Perhaps these spanish flowers prefer a cooler period to grow/bloom than I thought?

Roses, picture taken 14.12.2014.
On Sunday I had to stop and take a picture outside a retirements home close to our house. Not the best picture in the world, but you can clearly see the pink rosebuds. Now, this picture was taken on December 14th. Who'd think they'd see rosebuds like these in Oslo in December? Not me.. But it is enjoyable to see some colour in the otherwise quite gray and dull city life.

Christmas tree

We have a Christmas tree outside our building, just with lights, but it sure makes the area seem nicer and lighter these days. 

The lights were switched on on the first Sunday of Advent - and they will be lighting until after New Year. 

On the eve of the first Sunday in Advent
The evening of the lighting of the tree (aka the first Sunday in Advent) it was cold.. it was so cold that walking around the tree singing had to be done to some energetic songs so that people could get warm again. (Gløgg didn't really help much, I'm afraid..)

The next day.
The following days were warmer. Which is quite evident in the picture above. The grass is green - and on our balchony, the spanish margerits (spanske margeritter, the flower) have been green and growing - mid-december.. but in summer they almost died of the heat. Figures..

Light bulbe.
I tested some filters on my camera phone. One of the light bulbes on the tree was the lucky "victim". 
Quite interesting to see the result from the different filters. 

Black and white. 

Nice glow.

More blue'ish feeling?

Finally! Last night it started to snow! This morning the ground was covered, the roofs of the nearby buildings were white, and the cars parked along the street and in the parking lot were also covered in a soft, thin layer of snow. The whole world suddenly seems cosier, warmer and lighter - as if hope suddenly returned to the otherwise dark and gray world of November and December. 

The tree, photo taken 18.12.2014.

It sure beats rain and not seeing the sun for ages (or so it seems). The sun is absent today too, but the pureness of the snow helps lift the mood. 

The veiw from my office today, 18.12.2014.

There's even snow downtown. Not much, but enough to lighten the view. As you can see from the photo taken from my office window. Someone claimed yesterday that it would snow last night, and that it would stay until after Christmas Eve. I'm not quite sure it will, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SSCS 2014 - parcel arrived!

The SSCS 2014 parcel arrived this weekend, all the way from Australia! (Unfortunately, a nasty stomach bug also arrived, leaving 2/3rds of this household off the radar for the past couple of days - thus no blogging until now..)
The "save for later" parcels - I'll be a good girl!
The ornament was opened right away - and I absolutely love it!

Gorgeous fabric on the back.
Love the rat/mouse!
I wonder if my Secret Santa knew that we used to keep pet rats a few years ago? I'd like to think of this cute, little critter as a Christmas rat - with a gingerbread man and a glittery parcel in each paw.

Thank you thank you thank you, wonderful and talented Anette - I'm eagerly awaiting Christmas Eve! (I've chosen to save the second little parcel until the 24th too.. even if I am curious.)

Testing the lights on the tree.
We (Peder and I) managed to decorate (and clean.. well, _I_ did the cleaning) on Sunday while hubby went climbing (indoor climbing wall). Took us about 3 hours - with the cleaning and negotiation around why we were not going to use the easter decorations (even though they were for hanging) - but the apartment is now nice and Christmas-y 

Our little, but well-decorated tree.

I'll see if I can't get some good photo light and share some snapshots from around our little home and our decorations later this week (more like closer to or during this weekend).

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Sneaking off..

I snuck off to get some quilting done while the boys were busy decorating gingerbread cookies. 

I knew I didn't have that much time, seeing as P doesn't have the biggest patience when it comes to.. well.. anything, but I managed to finish everything (just missing the binding). The last one was quilted with P in the room, complaining about the noise.. Djee.. No wonder I seldome get stuff done, having to wait for me-time.. 

One day I hope to have my own sewing room - beats having to use the living room.. I guess that is why I'm prone to knitting lately (not quite as noisy and makes less mess - most times, anyway)..

Sunday, November 30, 2014

When the child is..

In a birthday party at a playland, what does the mother do?

Knit, of course. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trip outside!

Had to go for a quick walk.. Couldn't just sit inside and look at this sky..

Finally some light!

After seemlingly endless gray, the sun and the sky finally showed up yesterday afternoon, giving us a sunset unlike anything anyone in this town has seen for at least a month!

And this morning the crispiness of the night cold had given the world a touch of glittery frost. 

Today is a dreaded day to stay in the office. I mean, with this view of the sky, who would want to stay inside?

Enjoy your Tuesday! Go outside, if you can - and catch some fresh air. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I almost wrote the title of this blogpost in capital letters.. because that's what my head feels like. STUFFED. Not with ideas or inspiration.. no, I wish.. it's plainly stuffed with yucky stuff perfectly preventing any type of normal breathing or taste of anything.

Yep, we're at it again.. this is my third cold this season. (And it sucks..) According to my doctor (had to go there today to get some eyedrops for Peder, who woke up with an eye infection this morning) it's just comes with my condition. Apparently, my body's too busy doing other things than making sure the immune system works properly. Which sucks.. In a way. I don't like runny noses or being unable to breathe normally (I'm a nose-breather, I like breathing through my nose - I can't sleep breathing through my mouth. (And I'm very sorry for this totally TMI - too much information!)

Right now I could've been sewing or cutting a new project, I could be knitting on the mystery knitting project - but I'm stuck barely paying attention to VH1 and their playlist of The Ultimate Movie Soundtrack, hoping things will get easier by Saturday. On Saturday my mom and I will be going to Juleexpo (a huge Christmas market, with several booths filled with knitting, sewing and other hobby stuff). We missed it last year, due to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in London, but this year we're going! No matter what. (I hope..)

And now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to blow my nose for the eleventh-hundred time today, and continue to do nothing (except perhaps feel a little sorry for myself).

Monday, November 17, 2014

What time? Oh, that time..

Time seems to have been running too fast for me again. Here I am, thinking it's just been a wee bit of time since my last post - and suddenly we're in the second half of November!

My last post may have been on October 31th, which isn't too long ago, but when the thought running through your head says that your last post was a couple of days ago - then it just doesn't add up.. I feel like a lot of things don't quite add up these days. I mean, this morning a colleague and I went out for coffee (good coffee, not crappy, makes you feel sick, office coffee machine stuff) and the coffee shop had a sign reading 37 days till Christmas (we celebrate on Christmas Eve here in Norway, not on the 25th as so many other countries do). Well, where did that time go?

Angel, made a few years ago.
 With Christmas decorations popping up everywhere, especially in the streets and the stores, the urge to prepare lists and start shopping/making hits me like a brick wall. I have some ideas that I think will work out - but there are always those special people in your life which are really hard to figure out stuff for. I mean, how hard can it be to get a really good idea? Very!

Snow from Trysil, picture from ages ago.
 But I am looking forward to snow. I like snow. I miss snow. Do I like the late fall/early winter season here in Oslo? Nope. Why? Because it rains.. It's been raining for like a month now. Most of the trees have lost their leaves, which are on the ground, rotting to a mushy brown mudlike yuck (sorry for creating pictures..). A few weeks ago we had some snow falling during a Friday afternoon (but, since it was too moist, it barely stayed on the ground for more than an hour). I think I spent most of that afternoon listening to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols. Which was nice - nice voiced and nice background music for work (I like listening to music while I work).

One of my mother's angels.
I'm looking forward to decorating our home for Christmas too. Since we're going away for most of the holidays, we're thinking of decorating a few days early. (Us being Norwegian, we have a tradition of not putting up any or just a very few decorations until December 23rd.) It is, however, nice to be able to enjoy the decorations and the lights for a few days before leaving. 

A yearly tradition, loved by many!
Today I'm off to the post office with Peder. I told him I had to go there to send a parcel today, and he really wanted to come. Which is fine by me, it means that I won't have to stress to get to the post office right after work and be worried about getting stuck in a line and being late picking him up from kindergarden. Instead I'll go pick him up first and then we'll both go. I wrapped the parcels yesterday, and barely managed to squeeze them into the bubbly envelope I'm sending. I sure hope the receiver will like them, otherwise she's free to return them (I wouldn't mind keeping them for myself)! Just joking, I think she'll love them!