Friday, February 05, 2016

Happy Mail!

The other day, when I came home from work, our mailbox was literally glowing  with happiness!

Some background info is required, I think.. Well, a few weeks ago the wonderful and generous Gail Pan wrote about her new book on her blog, and she had a little give-away. And I was one of the very lucky winners!

This is her fourth book in the series Simply Christmas, and I want to make every single one of the eight projects - atleast twice! They are truly adorable! (And I love stitchery projects!)

She even signed it for me! <3 p="">

Oh, but wait? What's this? Two books?

Gail had so generously included a copy for my mom - which I was able to surprice her with yesterday.

Thank you so much, Gail, for such wonderful surprices and your generosity!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

5AM me-time?

It's 5:30AM and I can't sleep (for various reasons, little miss A has just been awake too) so what to do..?

Toss and turn in bed? Nah.. 

Try a reboot of the sleep circle? That might work. 

So I got up, changed the thread on my needle and had a little "me-time" before going back to bed. 

10-15 minutes of this, and my head should be relaxed again. 

Therapy in the quiet hours.. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A feeling of Christmas

Slightly late, one might say, but the feeling of Christmas is spreading a thick blanket over our little part of the world these days.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, let's see..  The picture below was taken here on Tårnåsen on December 20th - four short days before Christmas eve. Notice anything not quite Christmas'y?

December 20th, 2015
Aaaah, you noticed the green background too, huh?


Well, fast-forward to last Tuesday and the park outside the castle in Oslo. In celebration of the King and Queen's 25th coronation anniversary, it was decided to give them some kind of winter park - which is why there's a snow canon blowing snow all over the place. I'm excited to see the end-results.  

Although the pile of snow was growing steadily last week, there was still plenty of green (or brown..) around.

The Castle Park, January 5th, 2016.



As last week drew near the end, soft, fluffy flakes of snow finally started falling. And this weekend it piled up! Hubby was outside showelling four times the other day (I guess it's true.. there's no point showelling while it's snowing..) and everything is covered in a soft blanket of white. 

January 10th, 2016. And my orchids are in full bloom!
The temperature has been changing between being slightly cold and freezing! The last couple of days have seen us wrapping up in wool for a chilly 8-10 below zero - but from tomorrow and until the end of the week we'll be getting pretty frozen, with temperatures dropping to between 12 and 19 below zero. Ugh.. Thank goodness there are plenty of wooly clothes around! 

A and I will be spending most of our days inside for the rest of the week. She's too little to be spending too much time outside when temperatures drop that far low. 

The Christmas knitting project.
I'm still knitting on my Christmas project, and the end is near! 40 of 42 points have been knitted, and if I get into some speed knitting, I might have it finished (and ready for a good wash) tonight! Yay! I've run out of yarn (d'oh..) but I've found some purple Holst Supersoft that is almost in the same shade of purple as already in the scarf, so I think I'm good. I already have my next project planned - which is something I've been wanting to start since sometime last fall - but it's a BIG one, so I'm having some stage-fright ideas at the moment.. (What if's are horrible at the moment...)

Friday, January 01, 2016

January 1st.

January 1st and all is quiet. 

P, hubby and inlaws are outside playing football near the local school - A is sleeping (naptime) and I'm knitting on my Christmas project (remember the yarn I recieved in the Advent calendar?) while listening to a podcast (and house-/babysitting). 

The house is quiet, outside it's quiet. Quite the contrast to last night's fireworks. I can hear the rain dripping from the roof. 

Not much snow left here - I think it's rained away back home too.. 

The Christmas tree - from the garden - is huge! Nicely decorated and glowing. It makes me miss our tree back home. 

Everything's back to normal again on Monday - kindergarden for P, work for hubby. My last month on leave.. Work is waiting February 1st. (Not sure if I'm looking forward to that yet..)

2015 -> 2016

Happy New Year!

May the new year bring peace, joy, love and happiness to all. May it bring you tons of creativity - dreams and wishes. May your children sleep - so that you too can sleep. Find what you love - what makes you happy - and do that often. Crochet, knit, sew, write, paint, draw, play, read, bake, cook, travel. 


Saturday, December 26, 2015

SSCS 2015 - parcel opened

I have been spoiled - again! I can't believe how lucky I am to have been part of Chooky's SSCS once again. 

I think my Secret Santa has been very good at sneaking around my blog and see what might be the perfect gift - because this is really perfect!

A project bag, with a knitting critter! It's big, and colourful - with balls of yarn on the outside, and knitting needles on the inside. With pockets for useful things. 

And inside it?

Two skeins of - to me- new types of yarn, but oh so soft and fluffy! 

And this little fellow - a piece of (I'm not sure i dare to use it) fabric so exquisit I haven't dared to take it out of the plastic protective sheet.. 

Thank you so much, Maria G (of! I absolutely love my gift! 

And thank you, a million times over, to Chookyblue, for once again organizing this yearly event. I know it could not have been an easy task, and I hope that there will be some comfort knowing that our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. 

It simply wouldn't be Christmas with out you, the SSCS and all the participants/friends!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

4th Sunday of Advent

Dear mom,

Here we are again, the last Sunday of Advent. Christmas is almost here! Only a couple of days until we're pulling up in our car, barely able to breathe due to all the luggage and presents. We'll arrive in time to help put the decorations up. Everything in it's special spot. Will we be able to see the tree for all the presents?

The fourth Sunday of Advent brings perhaps the biggest gift - if the first one hasn't fulfilled it's call - but it's still small in size. Now it's almost time for relaxing and enjoying. I hope that this little gift will bring you just that, relaxing and enjoyment. 

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

3rd Sunday of Advent - parcel

I've been thinking "I should post about the parcel" about 20 times this past week, but things tend to interfere. Well, tomorrow is the fourth Sunday, so I better get a move on!

"Baby, it's cold outside"

The parcel contained a gorgeous yarn (Kauni, multicoloured) and knitting needles (square ones) and a note, which read "A new coat deserves a new scarf". 

I'm saving this for when we drive up to mom's house next week. I have a pattern ready (another Hitchhiker, one of my favorite scarf patterns), and I know I can get quite a start on the almost three hour drive. 

Thanks, mom, it is perfect!

With only one Sunday left, Christmas is almost here!