Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What a week..


I don't think we've had such a busy and hectic and chaotic week in our lives since about five years ago. And, strangely enough, it can all be summed up in a few sentences. Like :

- went to see a house (in a row of houses, or rekkehus as we say in Norwegian)
- entered the bidding round for previously mentioned house
- won the bidding round (!!!)
- cleaned, tidied and emptied our apartment (almost, made it as un-personal as possible, one might say)
- had someone arrange a viewing (or whatever it is called in English..) of our apartment
- sold our apartment (!!! again)

And now we're basically counting down for August to arrive, and we'll be moving into our new home.


Well, in this whole mess of a week (or eight days, to be precise) all of my sewing stuff has been packed away - even my knitting stuff is gone (except from the work in progress bag I received last SSCS and my current knitting project which is stored in there). I have no idea where my other knitting needles are - which is kinda bad, because I could use some of them in about 1.5 centimetres of knitting... nor where my scissors or sewing needles are.

I have sent a request to Chookyblue to ask for a timeout (or break, if you want to) from the SAL on Natures Journey. I don't see how I can possible manage to keep up on the SAL at the moment, and luckily I was able to get a little time to get back on my feet (or unpack from this madness, to be honest).

Tonight I am home alone - as hubby is out having a beer (or three) with an old friend of his. Alone might not be completely true. I am home alone with the kids. Luckily, P went to bed around 8, and A fell asleep somewhere around 9 (and I managed to sneak her into her own bed - yay!). I've had a couple of hours for my self (which is quite luxurious) and have done a bit of knitting, reading, blogging (haha) and copied all of the photos from my phone over to the hard drive of my mac (finally!).

Right now I feel tired. As in completely, exhaustingly tired. I can't wait for everything to get back to normal after these last few days. It might sound boring for some, but I kinda like to know what happens from day to day, and have more or less stable days. Too much stress and insecurity throws me off balance.

My sister and I went on a little social gathering today, I'll try to write about it some other day - right now I can hear my bed calling for me and it sounds very tempting!

Have a good night - and happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

SAL - April blocks

Well, I didn't manage to finish all the blocks for April (but nearly!). April 30th I had all but two blocks done (and that without growing an extra arm - not bad, if I may say so). 

One more block was finished last night, will post that when the last one is completed too. 

Finally getting some routines going here with baby A, so perhaps the blocks for May might be om schedule (and if not, I'm not getting very stressed about it - if I don't get whipped too hard, that is..). 

Baby A is nine weeks old and growing like a weed (a very Norwegian thing to say?). Not too fond of the stroller (yet.. or if timed wrongly) but loving the Angelpack. 

Yep, crappy photo, I know.. But it works, she sleeps like a baby (haha), hanging there when we're out and about. 

Happy stitching!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fancy flowers

We don't usually have many fancy flowers in our house (*cough* apartment) but in March we were lucky to have four gorgeous and colorful bouquets to brighten our living room. All to celebrate the birth of little A. 

My sweet colleagues sent this bouquet of roses and some other flowers I don't know the name of. 

Hubby's colleagues sent these gorgeous purple roses. 

My dad had this little orchid decoration with him when he visited. 

And a friend of mom's (and one of the kids' quilty "aunts") gave us a bouquet of spring colored tulips (I love tulips!). 

Sadly, they're all gone now, I think I have to go out and get some more flowers soon. They truly brighten the living room and makes everything so cozy (very Norwegian, I know.. "koselig"). 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A minute here, and a minute there..

While the baby sleeps, the mother stitches.. 

(Or knits..)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

SAL 2015 - March blocks done!

I actually finished the blocks for March the last week of February, but life has been a bit busy, that's why I haven't been able to post until now.

Not ironed and not cut down to correct size, but that will happen - once all the blocks are done. 
My favorite blocks were definetly the pears! I think I could easily make a whole quilt using just this block. Still some wonky corners and edges on some of the other blocks, but I'm taking it as practice. 

My other "wisp" (work in slow progress) is also done - on March 1st our little Aurora came to join us!

The blocks for April are prepped and ready, but so far it's a little easier to knit "around" a sleeping baby. 

Happy stitching everybody! Spring is finally here, and we're enjoying every second of it. :-)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Funny things..

There's always something funny or strange to see when you take a walk around this area of Oslo. Like today. I went for a quick walk around the park, and, well.. I stumbled upon this scene : 

A plastic bubble in the middle of the park, with three or four people sitting inside?

Okay.. Well, why not? I guess.. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The seasons are having quite an argument going these days. We've gone from snow to sunny, thaw to frost, ice to burning sunsets, back to snow - and rain. And all this over the past couple of weeks! 

One of our neighbours have been driving me nearly insane for the past week.. Knowing he means well doesn't really make listening to him use an iron rod to break ice outside our building four days in a row (and one night at 11.30PM..). The road is clear now, so far. I hope it stays that way for a while..

Hope you're having a wonderful project to work on these days. I could use some ideas if you have any good tips. ;-)