Monday, January 13, 2020

I'd rather be crafting..

A cloudy almost full moon picture on my way to work one morning.

I'm up early in the morning (well, more like in the middle of the night) in order to get to the office and get some work done - before I have to go home to go to kindergarden and back home to the house.

At times these things go well. Sleeping "works", the bus to work "works", working in the office "works". And then there are time when, well, I'd rather be crafting.

I sit at my desk (well, actually at the desk I'm sitting at that particulary day, as "free seating" is the current rule of the office) and I think of all the things I'd like to make. Patterns I'd like to knit, yarn I want to dye, fabric I long to use for a project - and patterns I'd like to sew.. not to mention blog posts I'd like to write - and comments I should've made on other blogs. And suddenly the hours spent at the office seem like a complete waste of time. Even though I love my job and have fantastic coworkers.

The winter's in Norway are tough. The sun's not up when I leave for work - and most days it's sunset before I come home. Some days I get to watch the sun set on my way to kindergarder. Some days there's still daylight when we're all home. But most days, like today, the moon shines on my way to work - the sun teases on the blue sky while I spend the day inside looking out through the windows - and I just know that when I'm on the bus, later this afternoon, I might be lucky to be blinded by the sun's final rays on my way home. And before dinner is cooked - and eaten - it'll be dark enough to feel like night again..

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