Monday, January 22, 2018

FibreShare - fibre swap and replacement package

I realised that I had, for a few different reasons, not posted much about this swap.. Well, it is an experience made - and perhaps someone might enjoy reading about this, so here goes.

I signed up for the last run of FibreShare in the fall of 2017. It's a pretty big yarn- or fibreswap (depending om wether you knit, crochet or spin) organised by some very good people.

I was partnered up with two people - one to receive from and one to send to. And my parcel was packed and sent off to Great Britain!

I tried to include both something that I liked and something that my partner would like in my parcel, so there was a variety of yarn types (even some that I dyed myself), stitch markers, chocolates and tea. (Putting the parcels together is my favourite part of any swap! And I might have some difficulties restraining myself from time to time...)

The shipping date came and went - my parcel was sent off with the norwegian postal system, and arrived safely in it's destination after about a week and a half. And the parcel intended for me? Well... communications went down and somewhere between Texas and Norway all traces were lost.. Bummer..

Lucky for me (and the 20+ other missing parcels - this is a swap with thousands of participants, so really the numbers were not that bad) the organisers were very kind, patient and understanding - and they had a plan! So, just before Christmas, my replacement package arrived!

Everything came in a brown box, with silk paper covering the contents (even a sticher from the swap closing the paper cover) and under the silk paper was this big, full project bag!

Inside the bag were stitch- and progressmarkers. Have you ever seen such cool markers? I've tested the square ones, and they are great!

Oh, and yarn! I've tested the Rowan yarn on a previous occasion, but the others were new acquaintances to me. Vintage Berroco, Quince & Co, Cascade and Jersey Be Good - all in lovely tones of grey, black and blue. How very fitting! The Jersey Be Good has whispered a wish to become a pillow, and I think I can help with that. The others are very quiet, but they seem to enjoy being stroked and squished every now and then..

They even included two buttons made for the swaps - "Team Knit" (my usual preferance with regards to fibre) and "I signed up for Fibre Share".


This experience has not scared me from entering again. This was my first time, and I got unlucky. However, I was also very lucky - these girls have their organisation in order, and I think I couldn't have gotten a better package than my replacement!

The first swap of 2018 has already started, and although I did consider it quite a bit, I have not joined. But! The next round I'd really like to join. I don't think the lightning will strike twice.. *fingers crossed* And planning the packages really are the most fun part of any swap!

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