Monday, July 03, 2017

Current projects related to needles

Back in April I started to add pictures to this draft, with the intention to post an overview of my current projects related to needles (that being knitting or sewing needles). Well... it's July now.. I have no words. No excuse. But the pictures are still here - and the projects are still nice. So, let's get on with it.

Fist up is this stitchery that I actually started preparing at least three years ago. I think I bought it the last time I was at the julemesse (Christmas fair) in Lillestrøm, which would've been in 2014.

I think I kind of got tired of all the love just drawing the stitchery pattern on the fabric. But! Once I started sewing, it went along quite smoothly. It's something meditative about stitching - following the lines.. and the fewer colours the better. Doesn't demand much attention at all - just follow the lines..

Next up is a knitting project. This is my version of the pattern Leftie - but Hubby's comment ("It looks like a peacock's tail feathers) got stuck, and now it's simply known as "tail feathers". 

Both yarns were bought at The Knitting and Stitching Show in London last October. My mom and I have talked about what a great time we had, and we've more or less decided to go next year (2018) - including staying in the same hotel!

This year, however, we will return to the UK - but we'll be going to Birmingham in August instead. My first visit to The Festival of Quilts and I can hardly wait!

I wonder if anybody I know will be going there.. Will you? Perhaps we could meet up for a coffee or a cup of tea - I'd love to meet other bloggers and quilters and make new friends!

I'll have to do a post to update these project, seeing as they are no longer in the same state as shown in these pictures.

I'll be back!

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Laila said...

Gleder meg til tur 😉