Monday, May 02, 2016

It's a..


Yup, I've got a finished project. And believe it or not - it's not knitted. 

A few years ago - before my falling out of love with paper piecing (it's a long story, featuring S. Daley, a BOM and a german quilt magazine) - I wanted to try these apple core shapes, and decided to ser if I'd make a miniature of them. Well, fast forward a couple of years, when the small pieces turned up in the daylight again. 

After framing the pieced piece, handquilting it and finding a matching binding, it is done. 

Quite the miniature, it has found it's place in my office. A little large for a mug rug, but then again, I have room for a big mug. 

Another finished project's awaiting a wash before getting it's pictures taken. 

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Laila said...

Så fin den ble :-) Noen ganger tar ting laaaang tid :-)