Monday, March 14, 2016

It's one of those mornings..

There are mornings where everything just trots along in a reasonable speed - and there are mornings following nights where the youngest in hour household decided to wake up about five times per hour. Those mornings require large coffees, double shots. And the leftover brownies that hubby asked me to bring to work really seem fit. Today will be a day of caffeine and chocolate. 

Large latte with two shots of coffee.. 
I think (seeing as I don't really remember..) the last time I checked the clock last night, I had about four hours left to sleep until my alarm rang. And by then I hadn't even managed to sleep yet. Which means that it was somewhere around 1:30.. I don't know what was bothering A last night. It could be the vaccines from last week (they can get a reaction up to 7-10 days later) or teeth, but I do hope she'll sleep better tonight.


Hubby and I are watching the new season of House of Cards, we're on episode 6 or 7 now, I think. And last night we were discussing how, a few season back, we both agreed that Frank Underwood - the main character - probably was the worst/scariest politician ever. Well, last night we talked about how we both realised that the real life, in fact, is much scarier. I'm not one to comment much about politics, but I'm worried about what's happening - and I sincerely hope there's a better candidate than that big, scary, angry, provocative man who's taking over everything (or so it seems).

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