Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Flowers of February

I ment to publish this post a few weeks ago, but time has not quite been on my side lately. Starting to work again means early mornings (too early?) and late nights, not much time to get anything done. I miss being home with A, and I hate to miss all the things she's learning and doing and experiencing on this level of her development. She started walking the week before I returned to work, 10 1/2 months old. Now she's basically running (or trotting off in a remarkable speed for her age).

There has been literally no sewing of lately either. If I'm not falling asleep on the couch or going to bed early, I'm knitting on a jacket for myself. It's speeding along quite nicely, considering the lack of time and energy I've had to get anything done lately. 

Anyway, I ment to post these pictures of an abundance of flowers which decorated our house in the beignning of February. 

Hubby and A had met some ladies selling fastelavensris, for decoration, and bought these feathery twigs (which have small green leaves now).

Contained in some tiki mugs hubby ordered from a bar in Las Vegas (Frankie's Tiki Place?).

A vase my grandmother painted some years ago. I love the little goldfish swimming between the water lillies. 

A grand bouquet of roses and such from the company I work through, to express their joy of me coming back to work. Lovely flowers, I really like those purple roses. 

P had decorated some fastelavensris in his kindergarden too, but it seems I forgot to take a picture. Will get one taken soon (they're still around, also with tiny green leaves)!

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