Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 8

It's the winter holidays here in Oslo this week. It's a school holiday, and Norway is separated into week 8 or week 9 holidays. Oslo (and Akershus, where we live) is in the week 8-area.

There are a lot of people off from work this week, some have brought their kids in for a couple of shorter days - and others, like me, are working as normal (until next year, anyway, when P's started school). Tomorrow, Friday, the office will be more or less empty. I've heard from about 4-5 others that they will be in, but it will be quiet (usually, we're about 30-40 here). 

Outside the sun is shining. But it's honestly not that bad to sit here, rather quiet and with The Beatles in my ears. 

The weekend is almost here!

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