Friday, January 01, 2016

January 1st.

January 1st and all is quiet. 

P, hubby and inlaws are outside playing football near the local school - A is sleeping (naptime) and I'm knitting on my Christmas project (remember the yarn I recieved in the Advent calendar?) while listening to a podcast (and house-/babysitting). 

The house is quiet, outside it's quiet. Quite the contrast to last night's fireworks. I can hear the rain dripping from the roof. 

Not much snow left here - I think it's rained away back home too.. 

The Christmas tree - from the garden - is huge! Nicely decorated and glowing. It makes me miss our tree back home. 

Everything's back to normal again on Monday - kindergarden for P, work for hubby. My last month on leave.. Work is waiting February 1st. (Not sure if I'm looking forward to that yet..)


Edny sine puslerier said...

Deilig med stille morgener, levende lys og lang frokost. Men det blir godt å komme inn i vanlig rutine igjen også. Mandag starter skolen på igjen, og vi går mot lysere tider.

Laila said...

Skjerfet ditt blir lekkert :-)
Godt med stille tid i blandt.
Kos deg masse i januar :-)