Tuesday, December 01, 2015

First Sunday of Advent - calender opening

My mom and I swapped Advent Sunday calenders this year. Very exciting! I think it's been years since I had a calender like this. 

On Sunday it was time to open the first parcel. Well, the thing is, as soon as the parcel came out, someone nicked it. I heard a "I can help you!" and it was gone..

"Oh look!"

"Can I color one?"

Thanks for the coloring book and pencils! As the wrapping said, I do spend a minute here and there (if not five) coloring. It's a nice way to have a break!

The remaining three parcels are hangong from the stairs, waiting for their Sundays. I wonder who gets to open the next one? Will it be me? 


NannyBee said...

Looks like you have an excellent helper !

Laila said...

Så gøy at det falt i smak....sjøl om det i første runde ble litt bom :-)))
Takk for kjempe artige bilder :-)
Lykke til med neste "pakke kamp "
Har spennende pakker hosxmeg jeg også .