Saturday, November 07, 2015

Growing + rediscovering

Little A continues to grow - and today she's wearing a knitred vest thst I made for P for his first birthday. 

It's a little long, but that's ok. Especially when the wearer is having a little cold (and getting teeth..). 

There aren't that many clothes left from big brother, but there's knitting - and I can't wait for her to grow into them! (Not that she can't remain a baby for quite some time more too..) 

I had a few good sewing days the other week - and then A decided to crawl out of our bed by her self.. Now she has to sleep in either her stroller (out walking) or in her crib - and she's not exactly liking the change. Like yesterday, when she slept for about 15 minutes between 07:13 and 19:30.. Luckily I'm only abinding away from completing this year's SSCS parcel, and there's still time until shipping day. 

I'm excited and nervous about Monday - I'm going to do something I haven't done very often in the past ten years.. (No, not the dentist - went there in August and everything was thumbs up!) If everything works out well, we have a busy week ahead of us. And if not? Well, we still have a busy week ahead of us. 

Happy weekend!

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Laila said...

Krysser fingrene for deg i morgen :-)) Detta fikser du :-))