Monday, October 12, 2015

A sunny day in September

A and I will sometimes take a little detour on our daily walks to pick up P from kindergarten. One day in September was an exceptionally beautiful day, and so I ended up taking some pictures on our walk. 

Whisking clouds..
Never mind the little dots that may appear here and there.. There are som spots on my lense and I have not yet remembered to clean it.. :-(

On the top of the world?
It was sunny and warm, green everywhere - except from above us, where there were hardly any traces of clouds at all!

Into the woods..

We even took a little walk in the woods, down a road the kindergarten uses when they're on field trips. 

Almost magical..
I never tire from seeing the sun shine through trees, branches and leaves.. 


And did my companion get some sleep on our little walk? Yes, I think she fell asleep just before we reached the kindergarten, that's why we ended up taking a walk in the woods too. (Just to let her get a few more minutes of sleep..)

Me and my companion!
And here we were, with sunglasses and everything! She's a bit bigger now, over 7 months old, and we're working our way through with tooth number 4.. 

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