Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lost duckling..

I'm revisiting the picture archives today, to find a suitable picture. And I found this little duckling, swimming in Sognsvann. (We went walking around Sognsvann three years ago, when P was two, and came upon a mother duck and her ducklings swimming. This little one was having some problems keeping up with the rest of the family, but I think everything ended well in the end.)

I haven't lost a duckling, but I am willing to say that, when it comes to crafting and sewing in particularly, I'm feeling like a little, lost duckling at the moment. Things rarely go past the planning/dreaming stage, and although I'd like to do so, so many things, I don't.

The little crafting I have been able to do these past few weeks, are finished knitting a blanket (which I started about a year ago) and a cloth. And perhaps the last ear on a bunny hat (which I'm not entirely satisfied with, but I hope it will change once washed). And buy yarn for a new project.

But my point is, I want to sew. I dream about sewing. I really, really want to sew. But I don't. Everything is still packed down in boxes up in the attic, and I honestly don't feel like dragging everything back down again (and, well, back up again) seeing as this is the final week before we're off for our vacation.

You might suggest that I fix a project I can work on during our vacation? Well, yes, I could do that. It's just that I will also be the substitute for my substitute at work for three weeks this summer (I'm imagining an hour or two in the afternoons, after the kids have gone to bed) and I'm just not sure if a crafty project will work with that.

I still have the NJ (Nature's Journey) which hasn't seen any progress since the last time I wrote about it. Which would've been late April-early May. I'm still one block from completing the April batch. I could cut some more backgrounds for some new blocks and get a bit of work done on those, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow - A's sleeping with my stash.. (and that sounded incredible bad) that is, she's sleeping in our bedroom, which is also the current residence of my fabric stash. And any mother would say that nothing's worth possibly waking up a sleeping baby. One simply does not wake the baby. (Unless the Earth is collapsing. Or possible a fire.. but that's not happening tonight.)

I think I'll consider my opportunities a little more, and get some sleep (haha, I'm having great hopes tonight!).


Chookyblue...... said...

just aim for 5-10 mins of thread etc..........small snippets and you willfeel you ahve achieved that and slowly may be able to move onto bigger snippets of time.......or several small snippets...........enjoy vacation......goodluck moving too.....and DON'T WAKE THE SLEEPING

Laila said...

Stofflager til fri benyttelse her.....bare dere kommer :-)))