Saturday, January 17, 2015


Which plans? Oh, you mean the plans I had about sewing and preppinh stuff today, while the boys were out? Pffffft.. They didn't get any further than on the planned-list. Instead, I grabbed a pair of needles and a ball of yarn and went to "observe" them climbing (indoors, of course). 

"Observe" meaning I didn't climb. I don't have the courses required (yet..) and I don't really think they want pregnant people hanging in ropes there anyway.. 

And tonight? Well, no sewing, unfortunetly. I have 2 pattern pieces ledt to knit on a "mystery scarf", and I really want to finish it before the pattern for the SAL arrives. 

Working on part 17 of 20 (but I'm skipping one part). 

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Laila said...

Jammen bra du/dere holdt deg/dere på gulvet 😉
Skjerfet ditt blir flott,gleder meg til å "finger færa"det :-))