Thursday, December 18, 2014

Confused flowers?

This summer I planted some spanish margerites (spanske margeritter) on our balcony. I think they spent most of the summer and fall complaining about the heat, nearly dying and losing all their flowers.. Well, November came - and suddenly they started to grow!

Green November.
The past couple of years the fall and early winter here in Oslo have been strange seasons. Much warmer than normal - well, let's not discuss what's considered normal or not.. - and so the plants have continued to grow and bloom. I took the above picture on December 7th. I'm curious to see how the balcony will look later in winter - seeing as we were lucky and received some snow last night. Perhaps these spanish flowers prefer a cooler period to grow/bloom than I thought?

Roses, picture taken 14.12.2014.
On Sunday I had to stop and take a picture outside a retirements home close to our house. Not the best picture in the world, but you can clearly see the pink rosebuds. Now, this picture was taken on December 14th. Who'd think they'd see rosebuds like these in Oslo in December? Not me.. But it is enjoyable to see some colour in the otherwise quite gray and dull city life.

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