Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I almost wrote the title of this blogpost in capital letters.. because that's what my head feels like. STUFFED. Not with ideas or inspiration.. no, I wish.. it's plainly stuffed with yucky stuff perfectly preventing any type of normal breathing or taste of anything.

Yep, we're at it again.. this is my third cold this season. (And it sucks..) According to my doctor (had to go there today to get some eyedrops for Peder, who woke up with an eye infection this morning) it's just comes with my condition. Apparently, my body's too busy doing other things than making sure the immune system works properly. Which sucks.. In a way. I don't like runny noses or being unable to breathe normally (I'm a nose-breather, I like breathing through my nose - I can't sleep breathing through my mouth. (And I'm very sorry for this totally TMI - too much information!)

Right now I could've been sewing or cutting a new project, I could be knitting on the mystery knitting project - but I'm stuck barely paying attention to VH1 and their playlist of The Ultimate Movie Soundtrack, hoping things will get easier by Saturday. On Saturday my mom and I will be going to Juleexpo (a huge Christmas market, with several booths filled with knitting, sewing and other hobby stuff). We missed it last year, due to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in London, but this year we're going! No matter what. (I hope..)

And now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to blow my nose for the eleventh-hundred time today, and continue to do nothing (except perhaps feel a little sorry for myself).

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Laila said...

Hi Sunshine ;-)
Hear you are better to day,and hope you will be ever more well to morrow 😉
Of course you feel sorry for your selv...who will do it else ?
We will get a lot of Q-vitamine to morrow,just you wait and see....
See you soon,sleep well and dream sweet...
Hugs 😷