Sunday, August 24, 2014

Not a very productive summer..

I blame the heat.. it's been record warm in Norway this summer, with a steady 28-29++ degrees celsius all through June and July, and over into August. Which means that the mood for knitting is in the mind only.

And as goes for sewing? Well, my sewing machine got packed away in June due to our planned redecoration of the living room and hallway. We ended up giving away my sewing table (need the space for something else soon enough) and after the rooms were finished, my sewing machine is one of the last things not moved down from the attic yet.

I've gotten a little bit of hand sewing done, a few stitcheries and playing around with english paper piecing (EPP) but no finished there either.

Guess I've been a lousy crafter this summer..

But! We've travelled around parts of Norway this summer, going to zoo's and climbing parks (outdoor, up in the trees). It's been an active and action-filled summer for Peder - one which we hope he'll be able to remember.

Petting guinea pigs.

Climbing accidents..

Skull playground!

Suddenly shy when meeting a pirate!

One of the "heroes" - the pirate Langemann.

Captain Sabeltann - a known character for all
Norwegian kids!

Orangutan baby and mom enjoying the sun.

Playful tiger - cute kitty!

Sunshine peeping through the rainy clouds.

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Laila said...

Travel nok sommer lell detta :-))) kommer vel litt sying til slutt fra deg også :-))