Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slow progress..

Well, it's been about a week and a half since the course with Anni Downs, and I did promise to show some more pictures, so here they come. (Thanks for the nudge, Chooky ;) ) There were 34 ladies at the course, lasting from 10AM to 4PM.

We started off getting the pattern and the kit (for those who ordered that) from Kathrine's - and then found our seats. There were quite a bit of stuff listed on the bring this-list, and my little bag (in the back of the picture) was quite stuffed. At least I got to try and use some of the gadgets I'd bought ages ago, but just left in a drawer (I'm a sucker for practical gadgets..).

Pepsi Max, bag with gadgets and sewing gear, a basket for
threads and stuff, my pin cushion, lip balm, pen, pattern,
fabric kit and Anni's latest book (brought from home).
 As you can see from the picture, there was quite a pile in front of me at the table, and before you start wondering - yes, the other ladies also had a similar, if not bigger, pile. It got a bit crowded at our table, to say the least.

Anni showed us how to appliqué the way she did -
which turned out to be an easier and less of a
hassle-way to do it.
Anni started the day by telling a little about her self and how she works, designing and finding inspiration to her quilts and projects, before going through her most used gadgets and gear - and finishing off with the techniques she likes to use. She showed us a way to appliqué that is a lot less of a hassle, leaving an appliqué that's rustic, simple and charming. (And I think most of the ladies at the course ended up using Anni's method for their project.)

Our table at lunchtime.
 Although there were a bit of chatting around the table, most ladies sat and worked the entire day. When breaks were needed, we had Kathrine's store in the other end of the room to browse, or a trip outside in the chilled spring sun.

My progress at the end of the day. 7 houses ready for roofs. 
 After the course ended, the doors were opened for an evening of show and tell, and Kathrine's store. By the time the doors closed, there was a record of 170 ladies present! A new record for these evenings.

Couldn't see much from the back row.. unfortunately.
Although the ladies attending the course were to be seated in the reserved row, there were seemingly not enough seats for all - and a few of us ended up sitting in the back of the room. (I could probably give you quite a vent about this event, but I'm going to leave it for now. It doesn't belong on this blog.)

So, since then I've gotten a little more work done on my houses. I've finished the roofs, and added the green grass and the tree trunks - and also done the same for the second side of the table runner. I ended up using the same colors for the houses and roofs on both sides, they'll match but that's OK.

Progress as of today.

I still miss the windows, the trees and the ground, but after that there's only a matter of sewing the squares together and finish the runner. I use this as my calm moments project, working on it only when I can sit down for more than 5 seconds. 


Yesterday we celebrated our Constitution Day here in Norway. On the 17th of May, which is recognized as the children's day, we dress up (many in national costumes), watch of participate in parades, eat tons of ice cream, hot dogs and cake, and have a wonderful day off. This year it was 200 years since our Constitution was signed, and because of that there were special celebrations all of the country. 

We spent the day with my sister, my niece and my mom - going to the nearby school to check out the activities and the playground, before going back to my sister's house for dinner and desserts. When it was getting near Peder's bedtime, we went home and spent the evening watching celebrations from all of the country on TV - before finishing off with a couple of episodes of The Americans before bedtime for us adults.

Happy 17th of May!
I have a few more happenings to share, but they will have to wait for another post. ;)


Chookyblue...... said... did get lots of sewing done in the day........I like the runner..........
congrats on 200 years too.......

Laila said...

Takk for en koselig dag i går...
Nå skal jeg hjem og jobbe med ufoene mine ;-))