Thursday, September 12, 2013

When the child sleeps..

The mother blogs, surfs the web and enjoys a glass of ice cold white wine (Riesling).. (Hubby, on the other hand, is busy working in his little office-corner of the living room..)

So, I promised in my last post that I had some news to share? Yes, well, while we were travelling (in southern France.. I'm starting to miss it already..) I got the news that I'd won a give-away! Would you believe it? In all my years of blogging, I think I've won one previous give-away.. so this was definitely a new experience for me.. What I won? Oh, you want to know that too? Hehe.. OK then.. The lovely Nancy posted about a pattern called U-Turn, which she was pattern-testing for the designer, Kristy. And in return, she was given a pdf copy of the pattern to give away. Which is what I was so lucky to win! :D I suggested that the pattern would be perfect to use all those mismatching, but oh so fun Halloween fabrics - and now I can't wait to start making my own U-Turn.. I just have to finish some secret stuff first..

Secrets, you say? Yes, secrets.. You see.. I'm joining again. You know.. the yearly fun elf'd by the lovely Chookyblue..? Co-elfed by the equally glorious Googy Girl? Of course.. it's the one happening of the year I cannot - will not - miss..


I've received the details of my recipient, and have started the traditional sneaking and planning - and I just can't wait (!!!) for December!

So. I'm off to do some serious sneaking.. and enjoying my glass of wine.. and watching Halv 8 hos mig (the swedish version of Come Dine With Me, which is what Hubby concluded with being the only reason why we have the swedish TV channel 4 available.. I think I have a secret crush on the commentator.. he's simply too fun not to listen to...).

What ever you may craft, I hope you enjoy it.


Laila said...

Gratulerer ! Så gøy :-)))

Chookyblue...... said...

welcome to the SSCS once again..........enjoy that glass of wine.......