Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoying the sun.

Last weekend came and went with more of the glorious heat and sunshine so far dominating the Norwegian summer. (Although, there were some rain on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, but I shouldn't complain about that, not with all the sun we've had lately.)

Saturday evening - after Mini'd gone to bed and fallen asleep, mind you - I spent on our balcony with a funny podcast on my ear, a glass of chilled white wine and a crochet project made of leftover cotton yarn. I think I sat there for about two hours, just enjoying some time for myself. (The podcast I was listening to, was Stickpodden, by the way, a swedish podcast about knitting (very funny, and quite interesting). 

Wine, podcasts and sunshine.
You can see my reflection in the screen of the laptop (my wonderful, little Mac..). I actually managed to run out of leftover cotton yarn after those two hours, so now I'll have to make something using cotton yarn, so that I'll create some more leftovers (there's a rule, you see, I'm only allowed to use leftover yarn, so starting on a new skein isn't allowed).

Yarn for autuum.

I went to one of the local yarn shops on Saturday (Pickles)and bought some yarn which will be used for new autuum/winter clothes for Mini. I'm thinking a new hat, cowl/neck warmer and mittens, in lovely shades of lime green and turqouise blue. They'll brighten up and stand out a bit, but that's just fine. (Easier to find his things in kindergarden.)

In work..

This is how far along I managed to come on his hat as per last night. I've started the decrease, and hope to have enough of the lime green from that first skein to finish it (so that the cowl/neck warmer can have the turqouise blue as the main color) but we'll see.. I bought more than one skein of each color, so there shouldn't be any problem.


One of Mini's favorite movies these days is Despicable Me (we've seen the sequel in the movies) and the little minions that work with Gru (the main character). Well, look who I found stuck to my banana the other day. Quite adorable, don't you think?

It's finally (?) raining properly here now. A little bit sad and grey, but after all this sunshine and heat, it'll do good for the plants and grass. They're quite yellow and dry at the moment (there's even been a forest fire warning going around lately).

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