Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is there such a thing as thinner?

Last Friday I killed some time browsing in one of the shops downtown in Oslo (Husfliden) and came across what I think are the thinnest knitting needles I've ever seen. 1mm needles (European standard) actually reminded me of uncooked spaghetti..

Knitting needles, from size 1mm (European standard).

I didn't buy them, but I'm curious about trying a pair from the same producer. I mean, I've knitted (mainly) with wooden needles (bamboo) for a while now, and these are made of carbon fibre with nickel plated brass tips. (They come in twin tip, single tip and round., and - according to the producer, are ideal for knitting lace/with lace yarn and socks.) The feedback I've read so far gives quite a good review. (But I think the pricing is quite high, even for Norwegian standards.. though, if the quality is good then the price is often worth it.)

I'd love to get first-hand feedback, though.. Has anyone tried these?

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