Friday, April 12, 2013

Ridiculous.. *rant*


The office where I work is just down the road from a pretty big arena (actually a football/soccer stadium, but there's been more concerts and other arrangements than football matches there since it opened) and next week there'll be a series of three concerts.. with Justin Bieber.. (I never thought I'd be writing that name on my blog, but there you have it.)

To make sure these concerts are run smoothly and prevent stupid things to happen (like, people crossing the road or causing mayhem i traffic, etc) fences will be put up along the road, the bus won't be able to stop on the usual stops and traffic will be rearranged from 9AM - and there are even shuttle buses coming in from downtown Oslo (and the surrounding area too, I think) from 12PM. (Seriously, even my office has posted a rather large notice with regards to change in security policies during these three days.)

I'm not quite sure how this will affect me, but I chose to take the more pessimistical approach - and rather be positively surpriced if things do run smoothly - rather than think that none of my business will be affected. I mean, coming to work in the morning won't be much of a problem (I might have to take the bus a couple more stops because it won't be allowed to use the usual stops) - however, I'm more concerned about going home in the afternoon..

Considering the chaos that occured last year, when he held a concert downtown in Oslo, I won't be surpriced if something happens this year too. I'm definetly not going, not for anything in the world, and I am very happy I don't have kids in the Belieber-age..

There's so much good music out there - why do they have to bring that little, annoying guy here..?


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