Friday, March 15, 2013

Teambuilding with dinner

Last week the group I work with had a teambuilding (played curling - no photos, sorry but the idea of iPhone + ice didn't sound too good..) and went out for a rather nice dinner afterwards.

We went to a restaurant called Eik Annen Etage, and had a nice dinner. And, as alot of my colleagues did, I took pictures of each dish.

(I think it's a rather new trend here, where people take pictures of the food and post online - either on blogs, Instagram or Facebook. A neat way of advertising, really, and most of the restaurants welcome you to do so.)

Appetizer. Goose paté, I think? (Foie gras?)

Fish on cauliflower mash. Really really good.. (Not pictured : potatoes.)

Veal. Yum..

Cheese, crackers and yam (of passion fruit and apricot).
I'm not a big fan of these types of cheese, but the yam was nice.

Dessert - chocolate icecream with a piece of what tasted like homemade
marshmallow and white chocolate. (I LOVED the orangy-brown plates!)

I've tried curling twice before, and actually think it's rather fun (although I am a bit afraid of falling on the ice.. ice and me go waaaay back, and not in a good way..). I ended up scoring two points for my team, and we ended up on 5th place (of 6 teams..). ^.^

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