Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tåsen Quiltelag 1992-2012

Poster outside the Oslo City Hall/Rådhuset.
Love the way this quilt and pillow look together.
Details of the quilt.

Beautiful colours!

I know I've got a piece of this Elvis-fabric somewhere in my stash..

I just love the way one of the birds seem to be falling off the wire.. cute details!

I liked the little witch on the right shoulder.

Wonderful match between turtles and quilts.
"My" little corner of the exhibition.

Fascinating how the same basic pattern can end up so differently!

I love the use of colours and details, buttons and other sparkly things!

These were some of the gorgeous, diverse works by members of the Tåsen Quiltelag, who're celebrating their 20 year anniversary now in 2012.


Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for sharing all the photos.......

Laila said...

Thanks for sharing all these great quilts.I wish I could have been there.... Your little wall quilts are sooooo great.
Hugs :-))