Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Out of Order?

Or just losing track of time - again?

Well, half'n'half, perhaps.

Lately - OK, for quite some time now, I've been having less and less time, desire, inspiration, and, well, want to make stuff. It's not that I have been completely ignoring everything - I've been knitting a little, sewing a few stitches now and then, looking for patterns and bookmarking quite a few ideas that I'd like to try - but the whole I want to make something-feeling has just not been there. Closesly followed by the good, old I should've blogged, but.. that often comes hand in hand. I guess that's the reason for the lack of "proper" blogposts lately, and an increase of blogging photos from phone-posts.

I'm not going to promise to post so and so many posts a week, but perhaps I can sign up for a little more often than once a month?

Anyway, I've been knitting, and sewing - and actually have some finished stuff to show - once I get around to it. Until then, here are a few pictures from when our little family took an outing to the Oslo Reptilepark. (Yes, I'm the one holding the snake - and yes, it was very cool! ^.^)

Nice python

I love the expression of the guy behind me..

This little guy was chillin' on a branch in his cage.

Not afraid of snakes, but the place was a bit too
crowded for his liking..

Until next time..


Chookyblue...... said...

just glad to hear your well..........atleast it wasn't wrapped around your neck like the one I held was.........

Laila said...

Wow great photos, but the snake... it was big :-)
Love the new look on you blog..
Wonder if I can do something with mine..

See you soon. Hugs .-)