Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Norwegian favourites

Tonight I thought I'd post a couple of my favourite Norwegian (or Scandinavian) Christmas songs. Some you might have heard before - and some might be new for you. It'd be fun if you'd leave a comment if one of the songs/melodies are used for a different song in your country.

First off is a song called Det Lyser i Stille Grender (meaning something like "light shining in silent places"). This is one of my absolute favorites at Christmas times!

And then comes Julekveldsvisa (the Christmas Eve song). It's written by a writer/songwriter who's very known for his tales and songs for children (you might've heard about Mrs Pepperpot?).

Let's see.. Luciasangen (the song for St. Lucia) is also a very pretty one. I'm not quite sure if I prefer it in swedish or norwegian, though - both are beautiful! (But they definetly celebrate St Lucia's day the best in Sweden!)

Let's see.. hmm.. Deilig er Jorden (earth is good?) is also a very pretty song.


I'll leave you with another one of my English favourites, one that I (embarrasingly enough) forgot all about when posting my other favourite English Christmas songs. Who's not heard Jiminy Cricket sing When You Wish Upon a Star? It's just not Christmas without it..

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laobeau said...

Thank you for sharing your favorite Christmas songs. I am second generation Swedish & Norwegian and although I don't speak any, have tapes and CD's. Recognize most, Deilig er Jorden is the tune of "Fairest Lord Jesus". A fun one for my nieces is Rudolph the Red nose reindeer in Swedish or Norwegian. Thanks again!