Monday, October 03, 2011

There's room on the shelf

For some time now - taking babysteps every now and then - we've been, slowly, cleaning up a bit in our gigantic collection of DVDs. (No, still not taken the full step over to BlueRay, but we've got about three - yes, THREE - BR's in the collection.. I'll get back to which ones these are in a little while.) Seriously, we've got a collection of about 1.000 DVDs, everything from drama to sci-fi - and everything in between. (Yes, even sports, although I do believe that one's on it's way out..)

If one should group together the different genres I think that sci-fi/fantasy would definetly win - but there's also quite a bit of children's movies and (as of the past couple of years) some dramas too.

We've got our favorites - you know, the ones you can watch over and over again, and never quite seem to get bored (I, for one, really like Master and Commander - the Far Side of the World) - and then there are the ones you watch once, think you like, buy - and then never take down from the shelf again.. Like Cursed. Although it was funny, it's just.. meh.. *shrugs*

So, over the past few weeks - every now and then - we've taken a few titles off the shelf, looked at the cover, read the back - and either put it back up, or simply removed it. Leaving it first in a pile, and then moved the pile into a box marked TSP - auction. (I'm having doubts if there will be any TSP auctions in the not so distant future anymore, but I'm keeping faith that things will work out.) Yesterday we had a look at some of the series we've bought, seen. started watching, forgotten, gotten over, just never gotten the hang of, etc. And now there seems to be a little room to breathe again. Well, the shelves are not quite threatening to collaps is more like it.. I might even be able to move my complete Buffy-collection into it's rightful place again.

During clean-up processes like this, you might stumble upon some long lost treasures - or things you perhaps watched a bit too much of in one go (it can happen.. trust me). Mad Men was a series we watched quite a bit a while back. I think we went through season 1 and 2 pretty quickly, and then came to season 3 - and got a bit bored.. I still can't remember if we're watching season 3 or 4, but after watching an episode yesterday I've got a renewed feeling about this series. Perhaps it's good to take breaks every once in a while?

Mr. Don Draper himself.
What didn't change were my feelings towards Mr. Draper (one of the main characters). He's still the selfish, notoriously unfaithful, slimy, dirtbag as ever - but he's brilliant at it. He's just a guy you love to (partly) dislike.

So, after yesterday's clean-up, Mr. Draper is back in - Ms. Mars is out (I think..), Bonekickers is (definetly) out, and so are a few of the other nowwhytheheckdidIbuythis-titles popping up here and there.

Oh, and for our three BR's? Well, Avatar (of course), Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton edition) and Beauty and the Beast (Disney, my all-time favorite). They're all double-disc editions, with both standard DVD and BR included.

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