Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One for the gift basket!

There's not only been knitting going on lately, there have been some attempts at exercising my sewingmachine (although I think - or, more, feel - that the last months of mainly knitting have made me a bit out of practice when it comes to sewing, so I'm not 100% satisfied with absolutely everything I've made these past few weeks..).

Anyway, I had some stitcheries that I'd prepared and sewn last winter and finally got the fabric picked out and found some time to sew - and the results are shown by Timmy in the picture below:

Two bakecloths (or bakeklede, as we say in Norwegian) - one in brown and one in purple (they are identical, except from the colours - that's why the brown one is folded). The brown one has been tested (works perfectly!) and will remain in our kitchen, but the purple one will go in the gift basket (or the shelf for things that will be given away on suitable occasions, as it is also known as). Fun pattern - and stashbusting!

It's been about two years since my mom and I went to Göteborg, Sweden for the Nordic Quilting Association (or something like that, Nordisk Quiltetreff), where we both bought a folder to keep our sewing equipment from the danish shop Quilt My Design (my mom bought the pattern for a larger folder, while I bought the kit for the small one). Well, I started the appliqué this winter, and then put it away - thinking that it would take forever to finish it.. *haha* I ended up skipping some parts of the original pattern, and ended up spending about 2-2.5 hours finishing it last week (minus the binding, but that was done in a jiffy later that evening).

Here's Timmy showing off the result again - and look! I've even sewn on one of my name tags (not bad, if I may say so - that usually takes a while).

Now, remember, I chose to skip a few steps in the original pattern, and it's the first time I've tried to sew elastic bands on to something like this (and I am not entirely happy with my handsewing on this one) - but, you know what? I'm happy! It's cute, it's done, it's crossed off my list! (And I'm keeping this one all to myself!) Almost two years to the day - but it's done. I think I'm going to finish this post just by repeating that.
It's done! It's done! It's done!

Btw, Timmy is one of Peder's stuffed animals. And when you squeeze his tummy, he baaaah's with delight. (Timmy Time is originally an animated show from Aardman, the people behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit.)


Laila said...

Hi you clever girl. :-)
You have realy been doing a lot latly.. Hm wonder if I got some of this pattern LOL
Hugs :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

good to see you're sewing again..........always wonderful to get a project finished...........

Irene said...

så fine bakekleder du har!! *misunnelig*

Heidi said...

OIII så fine kleder! Og Timmy er søt som vanlig. Vi har også en Timmy i familien.

Irene said...

I går ble det lilla mitt! Hurra!!