Monday, November 10, 2008

The cup is full..

Have you ever had a day when you think of something to do, start doing it, thought of something else that needs to be done, started doing that too, done this a couple of times, and then forgotten why you started doing things in the first place? I have. This is one of those days..

I was assigned the baking responsibility at work today - that's the punishment/reward for bringing cake to work (instead of gobbling it all up by yourself and gaining 5000 pounds in the process). Well, I didn't really mind. I like baking (I just don't like to be stuck with the results afterwards.. I prefer it to be eaten - all of it - and preferrably not by me, me and I) - and I like surprising others (my coworker has no idea that we've got a present for her (fixed by me) and cake (again, me). This will be fun! Only thing missing - a card (me again).

Anyway, back to the "one of those days again". I was on my way home from one store (had to buy pumpkin goo, aka canned pumpkin - I've only found this in one store here in Oslo) and I thought I'd better stop by home on my way to the other store to see if I needed anything else. Of course I did. Kinda hard to bake without eggs now, isn't it? And, seeing the almost empty bottle of deee-licious Christmas soda on the floor near the couch (no idea how long it's been there) I figured I could buy another one of those. So I grabbed my wallet and my keys, locked the door, and crossed the street to the store. Went inside, grabbed a basket, found.. sheets for baking (paper-thingys) eggs, hotdogs, hotdog buns, fried onions, looked at a carton of milk (but didn't bother buying it - had enough left) and started to move on to the register.. and figured I'd forgotten something.. hmm... eggs.. a ton of stuff not on my mental list.. Now what had I forgotten? It took me about five minutes before I remembered the soda (which they didn't have in today - all sold out..).


Well, the cakes (yep, I did two.. or well something like that) are done. One Swedish chocolate cake - and about 50 small pumpkin cakes/muffins. The apartment smells absolutely divine!

And the reason for this divine smell - not to forget the results from my hectic and chaotic afternoon? Here you go.. Three large boxes with pumpkin cupcakes (actually made the same way as Pumpkin Woopies - but I never bother to make the cream..)...

And, one rather large portion of Swedish chocolate cake (with, as you may see, has absolutely no chocolate in it). :)

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Laila said...

Hello. Your cakes looks soooo god. Please save some for me ;-)