Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last days of vacation..

And we cannot really say much about the progress these last few days, now can we? *shakes her head*

Anyway, we came back from France (Paris and Nice) on Tuesday, and I spent the night unpacking and cleaning while BF went to a convention-planning-meeting.

Wednesday was spent with my mom and my sister - and BF's parents, aunt and a friend of his mom stopped by to say "Hi".

Thursday I took one of the ratties to the vet.

Friday we went to the movies and saw the new Batman-movie togheter with about 60 others from the TSP-group (the people behind the convention next weekend amongst other things).

Today we've mainly been complaining about the heat (which is why I'm still up, writing, and trying to do something - when it's actually a little cooler then during the day). We did manage to see American Pie : The Wedding and three episodes of The X-Files - season 8, so I guess we accomplished something. :p

When it comes to crafting, I've finished July and August for the sunbonnet sue-bom (internal thing with my mom and a couple of her friends), I've completed the 9th stitchery for Truly Scrumptious, and have started to cut the borderfabric. I've prepared September and October for the ss-bom, but will not start stitching them until the appropriate month arrives (I just needed something to draw/prepare..), also prepared the 10th girl from the Truly Scrumptious (the "secret" one, one might say). I will not be including her in the finished wallhanging, but - thinking into the future - I'm thinking of making a pillowcover of her, perhaps, to keep close to where the quilt will hang (in out future, huge apartment or house.. this apartment is too small....).

It's been two weeks since I last went to work (two weeks with vacation) and I don't feel much relaxed and recharged.. should I? I'm more nervous about getting back on Monday morning, worried about how things are (although they haven't called me, so I guess things are ok) and wether my mailbox is full or not. Oh well, as my mom would say "better to worry alot now, so that you're sure there's really nothing to worry about" (aka take all worries before, and see that things aren't as bad as I think). Well, I'm a pessimist by nature - let's just say that I like to prepare for the worst, and then be pleasantly surpriced. ;)

I'm not working on certain things right now - as I will not complete the TS quite yet - as I am saving them to be registered in an UFO-register. Another and bigger reason for not working much on these projects, is that I'm not quite sure how I want to finish them (details, like how to quilt, etc).. And with this heat, my mind is the only thing really interested in starting new projects (my body is bothered by the heat and the fact that after two weeks off I'm still tired).

I guess it's time for bed now - seeing that the clock is nearly 03:30 - but the temperature's very comfortable right now. Wish it could stay like this all day tomorrow (but I guess it'll be as hot as it was earlier today).

I'm leaving you with a picture taken from one of the restaurants up in the mountains of Provence that my uncle took us last week. Isn't that a good view? And lovely food too. ;)

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Laila said...

Hello. You realy have a lot on your mind. ;-) I would love to see some photos from your trip.Hope all you worries realy are in vain. Have a great day. Hugs