Monday, December 17, 2007

SSCS - Christmas is here!


Well, my SSCS parcel has arrived anyway. :) Which makes it very close to a real Christmas. :)

Friday afternoon a note came with the mail saying there was a parcel at the post office for me. I picked it up on Saturday, brought it home, and have tried not to open it since then. And I will save it - for Saturday. BF is off on a Christmas party that evening, and since I'm spending the evening home alone, decorating for Christmas, annoying the life out of the other people in the building (who very much deserves it after the last few Thursday mornings *aaaargh* long story) by playing Christmas music extremely loud, I think I deserve to open the very exciting parcel from AfricanKelli.

I firmly believe I will do so. :)

Ooh ooh! Dinnertime! Btw, Kelli's blog keeps my stomach growling.. I've never seen so much goodies on one blog before! *cheers*

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African Kelli said...

YAY! Such a relief it arrived. I am so pleased. Can't wait to hear what you think on Saturday!