Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Embrace - and gone.

Her choices weren't many, that day when she walked out of the apartment, trotted down the alley and out to the mainway. Setting off to work, a place of utter most displeasant distress, where the feeling of belonging only seemed a little further away for each day passing, she slowed her steps as she reached the forest. Letting her mind wander off on it's own, her feet still managning to stay on the path. Gigantic spring-green trees leaning heavily over the path, a result from the previous hours' fall of rain. Knowing, somewhere in the wandered off-mind, that the path would end in a few hundred yards or so, her pace slowed further, until she barely moved onwards, until she finally stopped, the tips of her shoes a mere inch from the side of the road. She stood there, still, breathing, for some time, maybe longer. The light from the sun glimmering in the drops of rain clutching the straws of grass, shining in the leaves of the trees, blinding her already empty eyes - for her mind was still somewhere else. Blinking, as if trying to return to reality, she turned and walked back into the forest, this time her feet purpously left the path, and led her into the depths. The light's strength fading as the sounds of the forest surrounded her - lifted her up and brought her away.

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